Essay Example on the Operational Excellence of Capitec Bank

Published: 2017-12-06
Essay Example on the Operational Excellence of Capitec Bank
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Capitec Bank is a commercial Bank based in South Africa. The Bank is licensed locally and controlled by the Reserve Bank of South Africa. It has been rated first in matters concerning customer satisfaction as per the results provided by the South African National Banking Regulators of the year 2015. As per the International Banking advisory groups, Capitec Bank has been said to be the best bank in the World. The operations of the bank are in the form of a local Bank, and it serves individuals as well as businesses. However, the bank usually does not provide banking for firms that are close corporations. Capitec has more than 668 branches in South Africa, and it has more than 6million customers. A good number of his clients are also using the online system of banking. Capitec has a provision of innovative transactions, savings as well as unsecured credit cards to their customers. Its business building blocks are affordable, readily available, and simple.

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One of the best strategies to ensure that an organization achieves its objectives is guaranteeing a smooth flow of customers to the business. Therefore, scheduling of staff at respective branches to meet the client needs should be the center of focus. When the bank has an accurate forecast, the level of services will always be high, and the demands of their customers will be met. Most of the requests made to the bank as well as clients will also be served within a short time. In cases where wrong forecasts and also the subsequent scheduling are wrong, a lot of time will be taken in getting the clients served.

Scope and Objectives of the Report

The primary objective of this report is to find a strategy that can be used to curb any form of inefficiency that may lead to customer and staff dissatisfaction. This is because once the staffs are not comfortable with their work; it becomes difficult for them to offer standard quality services to the customers as expected. Therefore, Kaizen’s toolkit of continuous improvement comes in handy as the best and viable solution that should be used to solve the problems that the bank is currently facing.

As outlined by the Kaizen’s toolkit of continuous improvement, organizations have a significant role in ensuring that there is a high level of efficiency in operations. Given that Capitec Bank is focused on offering quality and timely services to its customers (such as depositors), it is necessary to ensure that all factors have been taken into consideration to guarantee continuous improvement. Therefore, the primary goal is to make sure that there is a constant rate of improvement in the way the operations are conducted as this directly leads to customer satisfaction; hence, the majority of them will be served.

Another objective is to use operational efficiency as a strategy of ensuring that the customers are satisfied with what is being offered as services. Through this, sustainable development and a large customer base will be guaranteed. Nevertheless, the management must study the customer patter of other rival banks and ensure that they have contained any form of adversary that can lead to customer dissatisfaction. Moreover, the management will have to set priority goals geared towards understanding the needs and expectations of their customers as well as the workers. If the customer service staff members are not motivated, it will be difficult for the whole team to meet client needs.

Measurement and Metrics: Before And After

Customer flow can only increase if the banks’ staff has the morale to work and that there is constant motivation. However, given that this variable has been neglected for some time by the management, the bank has been having a low customer turnout. Nevertheless, after applying the principles of operational excellence, there have been noticeable changes in the operation and performance of Capitec Bank (Bessant,& Francis, 2013). The bank has ensured customers are fully satisfied, and there is an increase in their productivity. Before the new system, customers used to wait, and in the branches, the experience has been important metrics for the retail banking. Once the management has considered it necessary to incorporate anyone’s opinion in decision-making, personal discipline amongst the employees, and teamwork, it will be possible for the clients’ needs to be met. Moreover, the workers should be given a chance to continue with their improvement programs in terms of taking time with the customers and offering suggestions instead of just focusing on serving them.

The Current State of Operation

Capitec Bank has a significant problem in ensuring that its operations have been carried out as required. This is because it is facing stiff competition from its rivals given that they have an efficient mechanism in handling their customers. Such competitors have ensured that the client's wait time in the queue has been minimized as a strategy to maintain than motivated. Therefore, the management should enact the principals of the kaizen continuous improvement model as a strategy for countering its key rivals (Rother, & Harris, 2011). This is primarily because the effective implementation of this model will result in high-efficiency levels, thus customer satisfaction. Satisfied customers will always be motivated and see it necessary to bank with Capitec Bank, thus enabling it to achieve its long-term mission and sustainability.

Since the client base has been minimal, it has even become difficult for the bank to meet its maturing obligations. Therefore, it is necessary to counter its competitors in the banking industry. In addition, other lending institutions such a cooperative societies should be curbed from increasing their market base. The best way of guaranteeing this initiative is having a continuous employee training (Tutcher, 2014). They will then see the necessity consider customers as the primary reason for the existence of Capitec Bank.

Analysis and Findings of Problem(S)

The best organizational or management decision that can be made to boost the customer base is valuing them and ensuring that their needs and expectations have been met. That is why the kaizen project will be carried out in order to design on paper values that will help the institution to succeed in its operations through ensuring that the employees are left motivated all the time. In addition, the management will find it easy to keep watch of the employee behavior and the best strategy that can be employed to curb any form of complaints, both from the clients and the staff. This should start at the time when customers enter the banking hall or make a request until they are served. It becomes necessary to mitigate the client's wait time, meaning that since the Kaizen model is based on efficiency and continuous improvement, the weakness will be mitigated with time.

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