Essay Sample Analyzing the Play Trifles by Susan Glaspell

Published: 2022-05-09
Essay Sample Analyzing the Play Trifles by Susan Glaspell
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The story Trifles which justifies the image begins with Lewis Hale in the company of a local attorney, George Henderson and Sherif Henry Peters advancing towards the farmhouse of Wrights with the aim of delving into the murder John. The primary suspect the murder is John's wife, Minnie. Further analysis of the story shows how Mrs. Peters and Hale collects John's wife personal effects to jail where she is held following the suspected murder of the husband. Many details unfold though they are inclined to law and justice. It, is, therefore, from the argument that the paper is premised on the theme of law and justice, one which resonated well with me.

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The theme interested me based on the foundation of the play which is grounded in the murder mystery and in which the sleuths decide to hide the required evidence of crime hence contributing towards the aid of the murderer. It is from the argument where the play leaves an open question about the meaning of law and justice. According to Henry Peters and George Henderson, law and order shares meaning with duty and justice. Mrs. Peter also tends to believe in the same school of thoughts. On the other side, Mrs. Hale offers a criticism towards the men based on their heavy-handed approach to the investigation (Kolls, 2). Mrs. Peters on her side recognizes the men as people who are strictly performing their duty hence provides an apology for hiding the evidence. There are also chances that her view could have been influenced by the fact that she was the wife of the Sherriff.

Mrs. Hale, therefore, convinces her that true justice should have offered a punishment to every individual who neglected and rejected Minnie. She sympathizes with her because the husband was abusive and deserved the treat the wife gave her. It is also from the argument that she decides to hide the evidence from the investigators who believe that the abusive character was a mere trifle. The two women thus decides to serve an impromptu jury and choose to dismiss the charges against Minnie in the full belief of Justice and their role as women (Kolls, 4). In consideration of the explanation for meme above, it is worth realizing that the theme of law and justice was interpreted and defined differently by the men and women. The men depended on the primary evidence justifying the killing while the women focused on what led to the killing hence the different conclusion. The arguments are given therein thus justifies the image's assertion about the criticism by Mrs. Hale towards the men. The men treated Minnie's home as a crime scene, a gesture of disrespect. Even as Mr. Peters and his colleague insisted on them doing their job, the women failed to agree with them and decided to give them a hard time in locating the evidence as noted in the earlier paragraphs.


In summary, the action of Mrs. Hale and Peters are justifiable since they considered the circumstances Minnie lived in a while explaining law and justice hence serving an impromptu jury. According to them, Minnie was constantly abused by John hence committed the crime because of the difficult situation. Mr. Peter and George Henderson were equally right since their job spelled that crime regardless of the situation remain a crime hence their progress with the investigation and the detainment of Minnie.

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