Communication strategies

Published: 2019-05-22
Communication strategies
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Since the two sides believe that they have all the qualification that may lead them to head the department, either of them wishes to lead when the managers are not around. To be more specific, they are scrambling for this power so that they can have a full responsibility when the current manager retires hence thats the outcome that they want to achieve.

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Communication strategies and barriers that may be used in meeting with the parties

One of the communication strategies that should be used discussion. This is a form of encouragement to the two managers that the position they are scrambling for is not vacant hence either of them can hold it in the absence of the manager. However, this can only happen after the approval from the manager. The discussion will expose them to handle the situation soberly. Another communication strategy is the compromise where each of them is approached to express their feelings about the issue of power. However, the particular barrier of a communication strategy is the ability not to understand that one is superior to the other since they both hold the same position in the company.

Process to be followed to resolve the conflict

There are five major steps that should be followed in order to solve this problem. The first one is to identify the source of the conflict to obtain more information. Secondly, the situation should be looked at beyond the incident. Next, there is a request solution that happens after getting each partys viewpoint where they are asked how they can get things better among themselves. Next is the identification of the solution both disputants can support. This is the point to listen to the most acceptable course of this action and points out the merits of the various ideas in terms of benefits to the organization.

Agreement to be reached

There are two agreements to reach in this conflict. First is to transfer one assistant manager to another department that has no assistant manager. Second is to make one assistant manager more senior than the other so that each and every individual accepts his or her role within the organization. This can be done through collaboration after talking to the two parties.

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