Essay Sample Dedicated to Conducting a Research

Published: 2022-06-20
Essay Sample Dedicated to Conducting a Research
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The writer of the article "Inside the WTF Folder: Is That Really Research?" has a different interpretation of what constitutes research. Although brainstorming about the specific area that one intends to delve into is the first step of research, there is more to it. After picking a particular area of interest, it is essential to find a way to narrow the topic to a specific direction. For instance, the protagonist developed an interest in sociolect and chose to focus on political Facebook memes because the instructor made a random a comment that it would be great if someone chose the topic. She thought she had previously researched the area simply because of small identifiable episodes in her life about hoarding items that ultimately gave rise to having several memes saved in a folder. According to her, this constituted background study. However, collecting all these memes does not automatically qualify as background research because there was no consultation of other sources to get more insight in the area. Moreover, she was only saving memes that caught her interest. To make a sensible scientific conclusion from the collected data, the information would have to be collected in a scientific manner (Seidman, 25). Research requires inquiry of different sources and merging different information from different sources.

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Research is a systematic inquiry. It comprises of collecting and analyzing data formulated to develop to generalizable knowledge. The main objective of the research is to broaden human insight of the biological, physical or social universe over and above what is presently known. Research is not the same as other ways of uncovering knowledge such as reading an article because there is a methodological process involved known as the Scientific Method.

Research involves six steps, which are sequential. The first step is to explore the research area and construct the search. This means that if one is tackling a broad topic, then it is proper to look for ways to make the topic more specific (Saldana, 20). Searching for background information is the second step. Consulting great reference sources like an encyclopedia is imperative. Thirdly, collecting more information about the subject that one is investigating such as annual reviews, bibliographies, and literature reviews in the research area. Fourthly, identifying current research. Fifthly, evaluating the sources obtained. Lastly, it is important to cite the work in discipline-suitable format. When undertaking research, it is critical to document the sources used as it is an integral part of scholarship and research.

Research resources are virtually classified into primary and secondary sources. Mostly, I use secondary sources mostly when conducting research. Secondary information is easy to obtain and readily available. Secondary sources include discussions, syntheses, evaluations, and analyses of both primary and secondary information.

I am passionate about fantasy. Fantasy is created in an imaginary world, frequently without people, situations or locations related to the actual universe. Fantasy stems from oral traditions that later transitioned to literature and drama (Bell 15). A lot of imagination uses supernatural power as the core plot element, setting or theme. Fantasy is appropriately articulated through computer programs that are capable of creating mesmerizing illusions. Fantasy can also be articulated through literature by writing. It requires creative thinking and being able to find the correct words to express the imaginations.

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