Free Essay: Cloud-Based Strategy Challenges for the Healthcare Organizations

Published: 2022-04-08
Free Essay: Cloud-Based Strategy Challenges for the Healthcare Organizations
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Thesis Statement: Despite the many benefits associated with adopting cloud computing for healthcare, several issues associated with technology, security, management, and legal aspects need to be addressed.

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I. Intro:

A. Thesis Statement: Despite the many benefits associated with cloud computing for healthcare, several issues associated with technology, security, management, and legal aspects needs to be addressed. One of the major challenges of these services is that they must meet the standards of regulations such as HIPAA (Kuo, 2011).

II. What is the probable implementation plan for cloud computing for Pakuranga Medical Centre?

A. Fostering the adoption of cloud-based computing: Analyze the current status of Pakuranga Medical Centre's service process and identify the fundamental aim of service improvement.

B.Optimizing the consolidation of data centres: Evaluate the opportunities and challenges of adopting cloud-based computing

C. Establishing the hospital's cloud infrastructure: Drawing up an implementation plan in order to determine the cloud Service and cloud deployment framework, comparing various cloud service providers, obtaining an assurance from the selected provider, considering future migration, and begin pilot implementation.

D. Delivering the cloud services. Actual implementation and development of evaluation/ follow-up plan.

III. What are the costs/benefits of implementing cloud computing for Pakuranga Medical Centre?

A. Running applications with own resources require huge capital expenditure (CapEx) while using shared cloud computing incurs only operational expenses (OpEx). Cloud computing will also incur costs related to slow data connection speed and expenses, operation costs of hardware and software management, migration costs, failure and data loss, platform costs, as well as backup and archive costs (Kuo, 2011).

B. Pakuranga Medical Centre is likely to face policy, organizational, and technical risks.

C. Pakuranga Medical Centre is also likely to face many legal issues such as privacy, data jurisdiction, and intellectual property rights i.e. HIPAA, HITECH, etc.

D. However, Pakuranga Medical Centre could enjoy many benefits of cloud computing such as scalability and flexible infrastructure, resource management, consolidation, energy efficiency, and Backup and Recovery.

E. The Medical Centre could also face several disadvantages such as system complexity, risks associated with shared environment, remote administrative access, and loss of control (Kuo, 2011)

IV. What is the Return on Investment upon implementation of the strategy?

To calculate ROI using the following formula;

ROI = (Gain From Investment - Cost of Investment)Cost of Investment

V. Feasibility Analysis: What is the technical feasibility of cloud computing for Pakuranga Medical Centre?

A. Health care systems have to comply with the many conventions pertaining to the interface of applications, protocols for communications and privacy and safekeeping standards imposed by various bodies like the HIPAA (Privacy Commissioner, 1994)

B. Technical requirements of users, i.e. end users and system administrators

C. Available cloud computing models, e.g. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure-as-a-Service model (IaaS). Delivery models of cloud computing, i.e. private clouds, public clouds, community clouds, and hybrid clouds (Almorsy, Grundy, & Muller, 2016; Kyriazis et al., 2018).

D. Cloud Computing for Pakuranga Medical Centre: The following are the main technological aspects of cloud computing identified as the drivers for adopting the cloud computing for Pakuranga Medical Centre; Scalability, Hardware virtualization, Sandboxing, Load Balancing and Caching, Flexibility, cloud controller, and efficiency (Chang, Kuo, & Ramachandran, 2016)

E. Concerns for Adopting the Cloud for Pakuranga Medical Centre include standards, security, and a shift in work culture (Alassafi et al., 2016).

E. Roadmap for cloud adoption involves the choice of cloud services that offer enormous flexibility for Pakuranga Medical Centre to enable the organization to stay ahead of the competition using the power of technology. Therefore, a flexible, standards-based architecture, that provides a modular approach for the delivery of IT services and can integrate internal and external third party services based on the business requirements for Pakuranga Medical Centre is desirable. The services in the cloud must be accessible, visible, extendable, and adhere to the standards


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Privacy Commissioner (1994). Health Information Privacy Code 1994.

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