Free Essay. Reengineering of Health Care

Published: 2023-03-19
Free Essay. Reengineering of Health Care
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Healthcare reengineering involves the use of innovative tools to improve healthcare processes. It helps healthcare facilities to reorder their priorities, provide cost-effective care, and augment value to their customers. Research by Wei, Sewell, Woody and Rose (2018) highlights that healthcare reengineering is driven by the needs of the people and the market. However, for everything to run smoothly, there need to be nurse leaders and managers, who play a primary role in improving patient care and enhancing healthcare performance (Giddens, (2018). The paper will discuss in detail how nurse managers and leaders contribute to the reengineering of health care.

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Nurse Managers and leaders work in clinical settings to create a healthy and safe environment. Giddens (2018) asserted that the work of nurse managers and or leaders is to lead nursing staff within the healthcare facility. They also support the work of physicians to ensure that patients get quality services. Also, the work of Frankel and PGCMS (2019) denotes that nurse managers and leaders empower nursing staff with the necessary skills, including defending patients against harm. It is their role to ensure that nurses get appropriate education that can guide them during service delivery and primary care. They create a professional environment, which incorporates organizational culture. They also allow the interdisciplinary team to give their contributions and views, which aids professional growth.

On the same hand, nurse managers and or leaders schedule and discharge planning on all health care programs. For example, they are responsible for moving community health workers from one area to another. Moosa, Derese, and Peersman (2017) argued that nurse leaders assign duties to the nursing staff to provide care to a specified community. They facilitate the operations of community outreach teams, who provide comprehensive primary health care services. Their role is to organize and ensure that the outreach team is highly coordinated in that there is a professional nurse, health care promoter, and environmental health care officer. They organize the community outreach team to define populations and strengthen their interaction to provide safe and efficient services (Moosa et al., 2017). They implement operational standards and guidelines, which helps the team to conduct its activities.

In conclusion, the nurse manager and leaders require planning and action. They need skills and competencies that are necessary for them to strive in the healthcare industry. Through reengineering, they are able to develop a safe and health care environment that is responsive to ever-changing patient's needs. At the same time, they are able to empower and educate nurse staff something that enables them to provide efficient and cost-effective services to their customers.


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