Free Essay Example: Another Intelligence Twist

Published: 2023-01-20
Free Essay Example: Another Intelligence Twist
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In the article that talks about another intelligence twist, the author tries to show that the United States criminal intelligence agency has overstated the intelligence concerning North Korean uranium program. The author tries to prove this by claiming that the intelligence agency made the announcement immediately getting a tip that North Korea had bought at least twenty centrifuges and other material needed for the program. However, they made an announcement about the enrichment program without first confirming how far the program had advanced or what purpose the equipment were needed for. This unconfirmed information led to the United States breaking a deal that had previously made with North Korea.

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My Point of View on the Issue

My point of view on the issue is that the intelligence agency is indeed overstating the uranium program. This is because; they decided to announce that North Korea is developing uranium after receiving a tip that North Korea had bought the uranium equipment. The United States criminal intelligence agency should have first acted on the tip through first investigating the stage at which the uranium program had reached. On the other hand, the United States should not have taken the step of terminating the previous contract with North Korea based on the little tip that they had concerning the uranium program (Gervais & Norenzayan, 2012). The intelligence agency should have first confirmed the progress of the program, after which they would have decided on the best action to take.

The Assumptions That I am Using in My Reasoning.

The main assumption in my reasoning is that the United States always focuses on fulfilling its interest first before considering the interest of other individuals. For example, in this case, for a long time, the United States had always wanted to eliminate the Clinton administration agreed-upon framework with Pyongyang. That is why the country was too quick to announce the gathered intelligence so that they could terminate the Clinton administration framework between the two countries. Also, the united states administration is trying to show its dominance over other nations such as North Korea, which is why it is so easy for the united states to make any decision they wish to without any consultation. For example, they decided to terminate the treaty without consulting North Korea.

What Are the Implications of my Reasoning if I am Correct?

The implication of my reasoning that the United States criminal intelligence agency is indeed overstating the uranium program is that: the diplomacy relationship between the two countries is likely to be affected. The diplomatic relationship between two countries tends to degrade when one country starts accusing the other of doing a certain offense without properly confirming if the information is actually true (Mellers, Stone, Atanasov, Rohrbaugh, Metz, Ungar, & Tetlock, 2015). The key sign that the diplomatic relationship is degrading is breaking of key treaties between the two nations and two countries engaging in war (Smith, 2005).

What Evidence Do I Need to Answer the Question?

The evidence that I need from the article to answer my question on whether the central intelligence agency is indeed overstating the uranium program include: first, upon receiving the information concerning the items bought by North Korea, the intelligence agency did not make an effort to assess how far the program advanced to come up with a clear conclusion. Secondly, the central intelligence agency did not also first asses what North Korea intended to do with the acquired equipment's and materials. They just made their conclusion that they acquired them to start a uranium enrichment program.

What Are The Most Fundamental Conclusions?

The author's conclusions is that the unites states hardliners made the decision to break the Clinton administration framework treaty based on the central intelligence agency unconfirmed intelligence. The American government was supplying energy and food to Pyongyang with the assumption that the nuclear program would be stopped, however, they came to discover it was being conducted in another region, this also motivated the hardliners to break the existing treaty. However, to improve the diplomatic relationship between the two countries, North Korea needs to revel what they did with the equipment and materials acquired from Pakistan. This will help to determine if there will be any room or need to conduct serious negotiations.

The Most Basic Concept in the Question

The most basic concept in the question is intelligence, which usually refers to the ability to gather or acquire information that I needed for a particular purpose. In this case, the entire article is based on the type of intelligence that is gathered by the American intelligence agency. The capability of the agency to gather good or acceptable information is what seems to worry the author.

The Main or Key Question That I am Trying to Answer.

The question that I am trying to answer from this article is whether it is true that the United States central intelligence agency is overstating the intelligence concerning the North Korean uranium program. The question can be answered by reviewing the nature or method used by the agency to acquire, confirm, and share information.


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