Civil Rights against Discrimination

Published: 2022-07-18
Civil Rights against Discrimination
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Every Individual in the society has the right to receive equal treatment without discrimination based on racial differences. Racism is an assigning value based on people's social interpretation of how we look. Racism results in unfair disadvantages by some people or ethnic group, and provision of unfair advantages to other individuals or ethnic groups. Racial discrimination in the US is against title six of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The United States has a large population with diverse ethnic groups. Unfair treatment of individuals due to their different cultural values and colour is an illegal activity. Discriminated races might engage in drug use, which might later result in death. Also, depression due to unfair treatment by the majority group can cause the victims ill health. Health discrimination is also a significant problem and has been covered by title six of the Civil Rights Act.

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Racism in reference to a video on YouTube by Camara is a system of forming opportunities and conveying value. Camara Jones has come up with four allegories of racism, which portray that the difference in the colours we see is resulted by the light, and thus no difference in people of different colours. A race is therefore not a biological descriptor, but a social classification (Camara, 2017). There are consequently rights which protect individuals from discrimination based on colour, race or national origin.

It is hard for an individual to recognise a system of inequality which privileges them. In this case, the party gaining from the disparity or discrimination, therefore, does not feel the unfair act. On the other hand, the party receiving the ill-treatment is aware of the two-sided nature of the situation. The party getting the unfair treatment should, therefore, seek help.

Denying an Individual a service, financial help or other benefits which are provided as health services programs due to their difference in race, national origin and colour is illegal discrimination. Health service is entitled to every citizen are therefore denying them their civil rights is against the rule of law. Additionally, providing a different function of financial aid, or providing the service differently from the others in the program is unacceptable. Failure to take the required steps to ensure that limited English proficient persons access the programs and activities they are entitled to be another form of illegal discrimination. Equality is, especially where there are different ethnic groups. Citizens who feel discriminated have the right to file a complaint against their offenders with the Office for Civil Rights. The complaint form must be filled within 180 days from the time of the supposed discrimination. The Office for Civil Rights covers every individual in America from discriminatory treatment. Title six covers Institutions such as Nursing homes, Alcohol and drug treatment centres, extended care facilities, day care and mental health centres.

An increase in the use of drugs by the minority group has been brought about by racial discrimination in the society. Unemployment by the minorities leads them to depression, and in the process of running from the reality, they end up engaging in drugs. Drug use increases the risk of transmission of diseases and other related health issues. Holding educational programs where they will get counselling can help improve the quality of lives of the minority groups. A study by Colin (2017) shows Shelley Walker, a spokeswoman who states that they do not support a policy that forces incarcerated persons to seek particular health services. It is thus a clear indicator that they support the equal provision of health services.

Unfair treatment of individuals due to their racial differences reduces the strength of the society as a whole by the waste of human resources (Elizabeth, Linda, Hector, 2009). Innovative and creative individuals from the minority groups being discriminated against might be denied a chance to utilise their skills which would have resulted in societal growth. Discrimination, therefore, drags the society behind. It also increases drug abuse among the discriminated group. Most individuals feel depressed, and the feeling of low self-esteem drives them to drug use.


Inequality due to racial, national origin and colour differences is a significant drawback in the society. Low self-esteem can cause health problems among the minority groups. It is critical to provide equal health care services to individuals despite their race or national origin. Providing equivalent health services will help reduce health disparities and thus offer similar treatment. As a result, people will live together in harmony and work towards economic growth together.

It is therefore recommended that all organisations work towards providing equal services to all US citizens, without offering differentiated services due to racial differences. Also, the government should work towards taking strict measures against the offenders to help reduce racial discrimination. Health centres should also have mixed races providing the services to help balance the centres with people who have diverse innovative and creative ideas to help increase the growth of the economy. The majority group should accept the stigmatised races feel accepted.


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