Essay Sample about Parent Income and Childhood Obesity

Published: 2018-12-27
Essay Sample about Parent Income and Childhood Obesity
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The cases of childhood obesity

The organization that deals with the world health believes that the cases of childhood obesity to be one of the most challenges among public health in current society. Several surgeons have reviewed cases of obesity to be the national epidemic. Hard economic times among families have been one of the important factors reported by different scholars to be the primary cause of obesity cases among children. Therefore, the issue of childhood obesity is expanding at the accelerated rates. If the conditions are not well observable, then they may result in poor health status among children. Evaluations from different surveys have aided in the assessment of various causes, prevention measures, and treatment directed to handle obese children. Reviews data have indicated that child with a high body, as index poses tremendous health risks to children along with teens. There is a need for appropriate planning of strategic measures to help parents with different levels of income and those with low health literacy to detect as well as intervene upon conditions of obesity among children. Parent with high or low income needs to set appropriate measures that can help in reducing cases of obesity. The occurrence of obesity can be a critical health issue that continues to affect children.

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Scholars reported that there are physical sufferings along with chronic disease that obese children are likely to experience leading to adverse outcomes of the obesity epidemic. The costs of healthcare and reduced productivity that come with low parent income associated with obesity. The disease represents the major economic value among parents. Therefore, earlier interventions of childhood obesity aimed at individual's responsibility together with parental income about the harmful physical effects of being obese. Understanding how parent spends their income determines the type of food their children eat daily. There is need to bring the unified vision of changing the environments that lead to cases of obesity while enacting policy that supports healthy active lifestyles. The review of recent literature needs to examine, identify, and explore the major primary focus of interventions for childhood obesity brought about by a level of income among parents. From the scholarly findings, use of modifiers of lifestyles among children can aid in encouraging best eating habits and physical activity styles. Furthermore, an implementation of the model for the intervention to improve health among children can help in motivating typically sedentary children to participate in physical exercises. There is a need for enhancing communication process, improvement of engagement of parents with stakeholders who look after their children at either schools or daycare while setting tracking platforms can help in dealing with cases of obesity.

Surveyors have shown that, in the US, for instance, 80% of adults regularly seek the advice of family clinical physicians or other primary care providers. It is in support of believing that even with small success in the management of overweight have far reaching consequences and accompanied outcomes. The social and economic implications of obesity include the deprivation of the family's resources in the prevention, diagnostic and the treatment services. The psychological complications associated with obesity are highly serious but less studied. The associated high depressions and anxiety increase the fear to attend clinics. There is a need to focus on whether children from low family income and family poverty tend to associate with the growing risk of obesity. Numerous robustness checks should provide considerable evidence if low-income parents have any association with childrents weight status in the society.

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