Self-Analysis Written Essay Example

Published: 2019-02-28
Self-Analysis Written Essay Example
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I am a 20-year old young Asian girl. I am tall, got black hair and brown eyes. My height is 5.5 and my weight is approximately 105 pounds. I have a passion for art, and I draw quite often. Not to mention, I have an unusual skill of talking backward. While in Thailand, my friends and I used to talk that way so people could not understand what we were saying. I was born in a middle-class family with loving parents and two siblings, a male and female. My parents used to own a grocery store. Business was average and the little money they received put my siblings and me through school in Thailand. When I was about twelve years, my parent moved to the United States to find a better life. When we got to the US, I found it difficult to interact with neighbors or schoolmates, but over time, I learned the aspect of socialization. In the years I have been living in the US, I gradually learned American's beliefs, norms, and behaviors through anticipatory socialization. Besides that, I am agile. In my high school years, I used to play handball and volleyball. More so, every morning I ensure that I jog around our vicinity. After completing high school, I looked for a full-time job in a sales company where I worked as a receptionist. I saved the little money I got for college and kept some for my upkeep. Since I was young, I have always learned the importance of independence. Being the first born in my family, I believe that I should be independent and responsible for helping my siblings and parents when they get old. As well, I am fortunate that I have never had severe ailments throughout my life apart from the minor headaches.

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One time, I decided to take a personality test. I took many online versions of personality questionnaire. I scored high in openness. Apparently, I am always curious, appreciative, and interested in ideas. In spite of being open, I have an ego and high self-concept, which helps me to be decisive. My second-highest score was consciousness, and third agreeableness and last was neuroticism. Besides that, I also took an IQ test, which my result was 111. Nevertheless, despite being open to experience, my emotions tend to take the better part of me. Sometimes, when things do not go the way I had planned, I usually cry a lot and make my decisions based on emotions. More to the point, I believe I have a high aptitude. I like to be at the front when it comes to getting things done. Despite that, I also believe in role-taking. I do not believe in social devaluation and ageism because I believe everyone regardless of their age and social status has opportunities and should be given a chance to achieve their desires. As well, the peer group is not in my domain since I always keep it short and precise when socializing with my friends. I have keen interests in outdoor games, researching, reading fictional stories, and traveling. Besides my strengths are paying attention to detail, stress tolerance, equitability, and problem-solving. On the other hand, my weaknesses are that sometimes I tend to overwork myself to an extent I do not find a break to do my personal things.

My family and I are close. We ensure that we keep that bond by holding gatherings and meetings. In regards to friends, I do not have many of them. I do not keep a lot of friends close because some of them do not create a positive impact in my life. Religion influences my culture in Thailand to a greater extent. Through primary socialization, I gradually learned our culture's attitudes, values, and actions. As Buddhist, we believe in respect, self-control, and calm attitudes. When we moved to the US, we brought our values and beliefs with us. More so, we utilize those values in the society. I must consider myself as a humble person. When relating with people within and out of my circle, I tend to be a keen listener, and only argue when it is necessary. Additionally, I have keen interest I mass media and the way it attempts to shape individual's beliefs, values, and perceptions. Three out of four agents of socialization namely family, school, and mass media are significant in my life.

In summary, biological factors have had an impact on my life chances, attitudes, career, values, relationships and worldview in many ways. Specifically, racial socialization, having multiple dimensions has made me learn positive behaviors, beliefs, values, and attitudes of different cultures. Also, it has enabled me to view the world in a different way in a way that I now know not everyone is culture bias. I have never been discriminated in those eight years I have lived in the US. Moreover, psychological factors have made me who I am today in a manner that my personality type, intelligence, strengths, and weaknesses have made me socialize with people in the community easily. As well, sociological factors have had an impact in my life. Most importantly, religion has had an enormous impact on my life chances. It has enabled me to have a stable family life, social stability, and friends.

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