Childhood Development Essay Example

Published: 2022-02-28
Childhood Development Essay Example
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This assignment helps you apply your knowledge from this week's modules and readings.

As a healthcare professional, you will be expected to understand the stages of human development during the life cycle. Focusing on development during infancy, toddlerhood, and early childhood will provide you with the necessary background information when interacting with these age groups in the workplace.

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Childhood Development: It's Better to Know

What four ways can parents gauge or measure how their child develops? List the ways below.

By how a child play.

By how a child learns.By how a child speak.By how a child actWhom should parents contact if they are worried about their child's development? List two contacts.

Contact a child's doctor.

Contact early the intervention agency if a child is under three.If a parent sees a problem with their child, they should act Early.

Developmental Milestones

Click HERE to access the developmental milestones webpage and answer the questions below.

At what age does a child start to show independence and defiance?

At two years.

At what age do children start wanting to please their friends and be liked?

At five years.

By six months, a baby should respond to their own name.

At what age are infants expected to walk alone?

Eighteen monthsA parent is making funny faces at their baby and the baby mimics the parent's face or smiles; at which month is this milestone expected?

At four months

Starting at what age do children catch a bounced ball?

At the age of four.

A parent is singing to their baby and the baby turns their head toward the parent's voice; at which month is this milestone expected?

At the age of two months

It is common for a Nine-month-old baby to begin crawling.

Mama and dada are common words spoken by a one-year-old infant.

At what age should a child carry on a conversation using two to three sentences?

At three years


You are working at a hospital and your supervisor, Karen, asks you to help plan a parenting workshop. Karen asks you to locate information about how parents can positively impact their child's development in the following ages and categories below.

Click HERE to access the reading to help you complete the table below.

Infants and Babies

Development Advice for parents Why the advice matters

Language & Literacy T

alk to your baby.

It is necessary for reading skills.


Hold a baby and gaze to his ears or eyes.

It gives the baby sense of sight to explore their environment


Spend time holding their baby throughout the day and ensure that caregivers have frequent interaction with the bay.

This helps the baby to recognize family members and caregivers. This helps the baby to interact with the family members and not strangers.


Have tummy time. A baby should spend playtime on her tummy.

This will help the baby to gain control of their head and walking around


Development Advice for parents Why the advice matters

Language & Literacy

Point out objects in the house and name them for your toddler.

This will help the child connect words with objects.


Sing counting songs with your toddler.

This will help the baby to know the use of number words.


Reassure your toddler by smiling at them when the check in with to you in a play.

This will help a toddler to look for a familiar individual when they want to engage in a new activity.


Free the house from any items that may cause a toddler to fall.

This gives a free space for a baby to crawl and walk around in exploring their new environment.


Reflect on what you have learned this week to help you respond to the question below. You may choose to respond in writing or by recording a video!

Why is it important for parents to be aware of their child's development? Provide examples to support your answer. Parents have a duty of monitoring their child's development. Parents should be aware of how a child develops so that they can be in a position to ascertain a problem earlier in case there is any. This will help in acquiring help early. For example, if a child has a problem in development, a parent will be in a position to recognize the issue early enough through close monitoring. This will help a child in receiving the necessary attention.

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