Essay Sample: Child Abuse as a Global Problem

Published: 2023-02-06
Essay Sample: Child Abuse as a Global Problem
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Child abuse is a global problem with adverse effects. In most cases, child abuse leads to life-long negative consequences; these consequences are associated with disruption of proper early childhood development of the brain. Extreme child abuse consequences can impair the active development of the child's nervous system as well as the immune system. Abused children are at significant risk for mental and behavioral health problems such as depression (Stewart et al. 2013). Getting access to therapy from a specialized professional person can be helpful. However, the specific situation of child abuse must be considered to determine the urgency of therapy as well as the type of intervention. This paper reviews some of the concepts and issues regarding child protection.

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Presentation Review 1

It is essential to provide mental health treatment for children who have been involved in cases of abuse. It essential for the welfare system to play its role in investigating cases of child abuse and providing protection services for the abused children. Most of the therapy interventions such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), child-parent therapy, and cue-centered therapy have shown positive outcomes. Treatment is necessary for the abused children, behavioral and mental health issues resulting from child abuse are traumatic. For this group of the population, therapy paly an essential role in recovering from traumatic events and symptoms of child abuse (Bambrah et al. 2018). Play therapy is considered the most appropriate. However, it is essential to consider the situation to determined the type of therapy and the degree of urgency. Treatment for children who have been abused is essential to reduce high risks of adverse consequences. Parental involvement in any form of therapy is essential.

Presentation Review 2

Child abuse as any form of negligence or treatment of children, which leads to severe physical, mental, or sexual harm. Child abuse is considered negative actions; however, in some cases, some inactions lead to harm. Parents, the community, and caregivers play a significantly associated with child abuse (Bambrah et al. 2018). There are various therapy programs recommended for the abused children based on their situation; these include evidence-based therapy and parent-child interaction therapy. These therapies help in treating problems, which affects mental functionality and reduces risks of adverse consequences of child abuse. Parent and child relationship are considered vital and may be adequate in improving health conditions for the abused children. The therapy improves children's communication abilities, comfort, and helps in controlling emotional changes. On the other hand, therapy may be costly, time-consuming, and in some cases, patients may not respond adequately to therapy interventions. Children who are not treated continue to experience their symptoms, leading to adverse effects such as anxiety and depression.


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