Chandra Manning Book Review, Free Essay for Everyone

Published: 2022-10-19
Chandra Manning Book Review, Free Essay for Everyone
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What This Cruel War Was Over is a novel that was written by Chandra Manning. This novel was published in 2007 whereby it focused on certain historical events. In this book, Chandra finds an evolving thought concerning the experiences that the soldiers underwent during the Civil War. According to Manning (2007), the book has depicted certain soldiers both black and white federal soldiers who are discussing their changes in purpose as well as moral while they were met with events and faced with the new reality. Manning in this book explains that slavery is the major issue that led to the civil. Also, it is believed that God wanted the violent demise during slavery so that there could be atonement for national sins as well as secure the national virtue for the future (Manning 2007). This kind of revelation was not experienced easily by the White Union Soldiers. Most of these soldiers had become shocked by the kind of horror that was experienced during slavery.

According to Coates (2015), some of these soldiers who took part in the war had to develop strong bonds with the soldiers who were black forcefully. The servicemen from the United were optimistic. Therefore, they continued with their crusade even though they resented slaves as well as the freemen during the years when the wars were taking place (Coates 2015). The African Americans who were in the Federal Ranks had not doubted the purpose for which the war was taking place(Manning 2007).

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One of the purposes for this war was to ensure that the people who had been enslaved were freed. During this war, the African Americans reconstructed their confidence in the military (Coates 2015). They believed that the military enabled them to qualify for full rights as an American Citizen.

The readers of this book will find interesting because of the findings of Manning concerning Confederate Soldiers. The people who came from the south were in support of a racial hierarchy which was not for economic purposes. According to (Manning 2007), Manning argues that to ensure that the cultural formulations as a result of sexual and racial identity were maintained based on the privileges as well as the obligations that were associated with the white men.

These structures were able to bind every person together without discriminating due to their status and motivated them to go to war as well as secession (Coates 2015). The Common Sothern Soldier recognized that level the Republican, as well as the federal army racially, was aimed at reducing slavery. Throughout the war, these individuals fought hard to ensure that they retained their position within the society(Coates 2015).

The narrative of this work follows the peak as well as the valley responses to the event that were taking place on the battlefield as well as on the home front. In this book, Manning embraces the scholarship that has been attained over the recent decades which explains the rapid disillusionment of the Confederates by looking at their causes due to inflation, shortage military defeat, conscription, as well as a disappointing government. Manning further identifies that there was class antagonism as well as a minor consideration that slavery resulted in a significant curse rather than a course.

Disaffection has turned out to be current as well as a common theme while studying the Confederate Society. Manning claims that other authors have described eth pollution that was reduced as a result of the war as well as the moral confusion over slavery. The overall framework that Manning has used in this book is the relation of the past events to the current one. These issues have helped to understand why some things have turned out to be as they are currently.

The book is made up of various chapters. These chapters of the book have been used to help developing its central theme. The flow that has been experienced between these chapters is good. As one chapter ends, the other chapter picks up the story from that point. This element has made it easy to follow the story of the book. Generally, there is a close connection between all the chapters. As some of the ideas change in another chapter, the author has been able to link the old with the new to ensure that the story flows well.

Concluding, what this cruel war was over is an interesting novel that was written by Chandra Manning. Chandra Manning has developed her idea in a way that could easily be understood by anyone. The central theme of the story is associated with various events that took place at the time when the civil war was taking place. During this time, there was a lot of slavery that as going on in the US. The book has been good because there is a flow between different chapters. An idea that has ended in the previous chapter will be connected well to the new chapter. This element is good because it will help the reader to follow the story and understand certain elements easily. The framework that has been used in this case is the description of historical events. This issue might be the only bad element that is related to this book because some people find history hard to understand. Therefore, these elements will have to be explained to them so that they can understand what the story is talking about and be able to relate to the current events.


Manning, C. (2007). What This Cruel War Was Over. Vintage.

Coates, T. N. (2015). What this cruel war was over. Atlantic, 22.

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