Essay Example: Challenges of Organization Theory and Design

Published: 2022-03-09
Essay Example: Challenges of Organization Theory and Design
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How Structure Can Be Optimized to Cope With Aggressive Technology Changes And Some Noteworthy Practices That Stimulates Innovation At Ciplex.

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Hierarchy is Considered outdated as the author states that it was designed by the military and is an old age system. He argues the decision makers are placed at the top level while the employees of entry-level are placed at the bottom. He explains the structure for a purpose that is created by removing the "me" mindset and creates a shared "we" mentality. He continues to argue the need for the organization to adapt and be willing to change so as to stay relevant. (Boss, 2018).

(Gotkin, 2018).The Blog talks of the American's company adopting the flat corporate structure and gives examples of companies that have adopted this type of structure. The Valve Corp company and Ciplex agencies. The structure can be optimized through encouraging of teamwork and reward collective intelligence. Flat organization structures offer an effective two-way information flow and offer direct social link within the organization. In order to optimize the structure, the ciplex company should create a democratic structure which should give its employee freedom to experiment with any new technological trend, this helps employees contribute to innovative ideas and thus focus more on the customer's need.

Ways in Which Cisco Can Avoid Active Inertia And The Strategies That Leadership Has Implemented to Steer Course Of Action Without Precipitating a Defined Strategy in View Of Changing Circumstances.

(Recklies, 2018). The article reviews four Organizational advantages that include Ability to experiment with new trends so as to come up and increase numbers of ideas. Second is the ability to manage multi-company systems that are complex, this is the capacity of the organization to move beyond boundaries through transforming the structure of the industries. The third is the ability to act on signal and read, This is the case where the organization needs to identify early changes in the external factors. Fourth is the ability for the organization to mobilize people working with and for the organization.

The organization is rapidly changing and the Competitive environment too. Meaning the evaluation process of competitors and customers, identifying the performance gap, and working towards closing them should be ongoing. Therefore to avoid this active inertia there is a need for the organization to plan for a constant analysis cycle, come up with strategic change and experimentation of ideas. (Cisco,2018). One of the Leadership strategies that that has been implemented to steer the course of action in this company is restructuring of NDCS group where it was to map its own lifestyle model. The new structure of the organization has helped Cisco to improve managing service support efficiency. The existing structure helps accommodate growth and help the company respond quickly to the changing business demand.


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