Essay Example: Human Development Report

Published: 2019-04-15
Essay Example: Human Development Report
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Reduced Hunger and Poverty

In the previous decades, the world has experienced substantial progress in human development levels in nearly entire countries; though most of the people are yet to benefit from these gains. The Human Development Report 2016shed light to the achievements made together with the major challenges that are obstacles towards the development as well as recognizing the disadvantaged groups in the society. The following paper will identify major global contributions and challenge noted in the 2016 Human Development Report

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As at 2013, the rate of the extreme poverty at the global level ($ 1.90 per day) was approximated to be less than 11 percent, which was dropped from 35 percent as at 1990, affecting countries in the East Asia, Pacific, and china. However, the worldwide population of the individuals subjected to hunger significantly reduced in the years 2000 to 2002 from 15 percent to 11 percent in the years 2014-2016. In is estimated that there was only 10 percent of the working poor, surviving on less than $ 1.90 per day in 2015, this is a two-thirds reduction to that of 2000.

Bettered access to basic social services

Access to basic and social services improved between 1990 to 2015, where 2.1 billion people are able to access to enhanced sanitation. While on the other hand, 2.6 billion of the global population have access to improved water source, the attainment of this achievement is estimated to be 5 years prior to the Millennium Development Goal schedule. The significant improvement is explicitly realized in Sub-Saharan Africa with regards to the population able to access clean drinking water, where there was an increase of 68 percent in 2015 from 48 percent in 1990. In education wise, the percentage of school enrollment for the primary school-aged children in the Sub-Saharan region rose from 91 percent in 2015 from 83 percent in 2000.

Despite the remarkable progress in poverty reduction over the past 25 tears, still, 766 million of the global population, 385 of them being children, are forced to live under $ 1.90 a day as of the year 2013. Poverty has become a heartbreaking challenge, not only affecting the developing countries but also rising in the developed ones. Inequality on income distribution is considered to be one of the major cause leading to poverty, and this may because by reasons, such as ethnicity, tribalism, corruption, economic instability as well as insecurity in the affected regions worldwide.

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