Essay Sample on Celebrity Endorsement in Marketing

Published: 2021-01-25
Essay Sample on Celebrity Endorsement in Marketing
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There are numerous effects that celebrity endorsement and social media have on consumers' attitudes towards various types of products and brands that are available in the market. In this research, the primary aim is to establish the factors that facilitate a positive outcome through celebrity endorsement on social media in marketing various products. It also seeks to determine the effectiveness of these endorsements and their impact on the consumers attitude towards the processes of social media.

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A large number of people use different forms of social media such as; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Whatsapp on a daily basis. According to (Egan 2007), social media is mostly used by the youth including famous personalities that are regarded as idols. These celebrities often engage with their fans by chatting on these sites mostly on Facebook and Twitter. The use of social media is relatively cheap as compared to other means of advertisements.

Due to the low cost and convenience of using social media, the majority of marketers have adopted this medium as a means of promoting their products and directly interact with potential clients so as to expand their market base. Numerous enterprises have realized the effectiveness of promoting their brands through celebrity endorsements and directly engaging with their customers. It creates excitement for the consumers and builds a positive attitude towards the brands.

Therefore, social media engagement should be embraced by marketers because it stimulates the interests of the clients and helps strengthen the bond between them and the brands. These findings are useful in helping promoters to determine efficient methods of advertisements and maintaining their loyal customers.


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