Free Essay with the List of Benefits and Risks of Using Electronic Health Records

Published: 2019-09-30
Free Essay with the List of Benefits and Risks of Using Electronic Health Records
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While achieving the set goals and objectives, the health institutions have enacted on various strategies which includes the installation of Electronic Health Recording. The Electronic Health Records is a version that provides the patient history in terms of the treatment information that comprises the problems, medication as well as other clinical data that is used by the health providers in providing their services. Some of the institutions in the current medical market have essentially implemented on the program based on its benefits which are maximized and the risks which could limit the operation of the services providers.

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Benefits of Electronic Health Records

Privacy and security of data

This is one of the main benefit of the Electronic Health Record program in an institution. The patients information should be kept private and confidential and only should be disclose to the patient and the health care practitioners while there are necessary. Electronic Health Record facilitates the privacy of and the security of data is which stored electronically.

Greater access to medical history data

Electronic Health Record has played a decisive role in improving the quality care from the services providers. This is implied by the saving the lives of patient by accessing to their medical history data. It allows the practitioners to understand on the treatment services to be provided to a particular patient.

Improved efficiency and time management of medical staff

Electronic Health Record program essentially seeks to facilitate in improving the health care services. Electronic Health Record plays a key role in ensuring that efficiency is enhance by those who provide the services to the patients. Managing the medical staff also has been facilitated by the Electronic Health Record, management of a health institution uses the program to monitor the performance of its medical employees.

Risk of Electronic Health Records

Technical problems

Health institution that largely depend on the Electronic Health Record system may be faced with a lot of risk, this includes the technical problems which may filed the whole system. This will paralyzed all the relevant information that could have been used in providing the services.

Potential malpractice liability

This is a risk that could affect lead to the loss of information. Malpractice Electronic Health Record program includes the irrelevant corrections that could be made on the health records relating to an individual patient. This risks affects the health care services provision in an institution.

Access to Frightening information

Electronic Health Record is faced by the risks that steers to frighten the patients. The Electronic Health Record may be used to store information that could not be understood by the patients, this may frighten patients.


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