Essay Example on Causes and Consequences of Rural America

Published: 2019-09-10
Essay Example on Causes and Consequences of Rural America
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Due to the implications of industrialization, the problem of immigrants in America and the slave trade in 1880 led to the uprising of the populist movement. Farmers in the rural America believed that the economist and the Industrialist controlled both the democratic and republican government giving little attention to them in the suburbs. Immigrants and slaves were offering cheap labor to the industrialist empowering them economically. The economists and the industrialists then controlled the government in return due to the economic strength and the financial support they were giving to the government. The farmers formed the Populist Party in 1982 to hire their grievances to the federal government.

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Industrialization and the growth of urban centres led to the concentration of a few wealthy individuals who had a stake in the government forgetting the majority rural citizens in the farms and the mining regions. The populists wanted the state to own the roads and the railroads, telephone and telegram system that were being controlled by a few wealthy people thus oppressing the poor rural farmers. They demanded the government to stop the laissez-faire and concentrate on the economy of the country for the good of all the citizens. The farmers and the mine owners wanted the government to offer free and limited coinage of silver and revised taxes so that the wealthy pay more to the government than the poor.

The farmers and the miners realized that the farmers were a minority and could not win an electoral position and wanted the government to advocate for direct nomination to the Senate and a secret ballot system of voting. Later the progressive movement emerged that advocated for improved American life by taking the democracy advantage. The progressives wanted the American to have more control of their lives through democracy and government intervention. They wanted the government economic regulation to be amended to eliminates the issues that were harmful to the farmers, miners, consumers and the tenement dwellers through expanded regulation and monitoring.

The American novelist, critics, journalists made investigations on the political and social corruption in America that affected the farmers and the rural dwellers. They made an investigation on the prevailing conditions in the Americans slums, prisons, factories, mines, child and forced labor. The Pendleton Civil Service Reform was established to take care of the federal employees on the basis of merit and not the traditional corrupt system. The movement sought for the extension of the women suffrage, and that right of the American people to vote shall not be denied by any state or the United States federal government on the basis of sex.

The populist and the progressives were honest reformers who brought economic and social balance between all the citizens of the United States. They wanted to prevent the American from hurting themselves. The Populist Party leaders lost all the elections they contested, but their demands were realized irrespective of the death of the movement. The diversity of the coalition demands made it difficult to unite the different individuals from the mining sector, the farming sector, and the industrial labor market. The geographical location of the Agrarian farmers made it worse for the movement to gain popularity and send their representatives to the Senate. Their demand for a direct election to the Senate was granted, and the rural farmers got more privileges and economic empowerment for the workers.

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