Application Letter Sample for Master's Program in Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Published: 2019-05-21
Application Letter Sample for Master's Program in Clinical Mental Health Counseling
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I was also previously employed at Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Galveston Houston as a pregnancy and parenting case manager with Children&Services Department. Being bilingual (English and Spanish) enabled me to successfully counsel pregnant and parenting teens in shelters such as St. Michael's Home for Children home for girls, as well as home-based clients, hospitals, pregnancy centers and public high schools. I also have the opportunity to teach life and social skills to group setting at Autreys Home for Boys and Smiths Home for girls.

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Therefore, my employment background, experience in advocating my clients' and their children's needs and helping them achieve self-sufficiency, and the acquired time-management, interpersonal, and communication skills will help me contribute to the program by expanding my competence and turning my utmost passion and enthusiasm for the field of Psychology in which I hold a Bachelor's degree into creating a positive impact on the people's lives. My dearest ambition upon successful completion of the program is to work with children and adults of diverse background and provide them with direct, professional and quality counseling service.

Undoubtedly, my Bachelor's studies at [the name of college] taught me many important lessons and supplied me with vital and utmost useful knowledge, however, most essentially, it demonstrated me an utmost importance of maintaining balance and taking responsibility for my actions, or a lack of them.

I believe, the first step to explain why my undergraduate GPA was below 3.0 is to identify the cause for the same. Through all the responsibilities I had throughout my studies, I lost my academic focus and put more efforts into providing for my mother and two younger siblings which, at that time, were students, as well. It so happened that I was the only support to my family, and my only resort was to work full time during week days and take part hours during weekend. At that point, during my undergraduate studies, I was torn apart between the feeling of duty and the desire to develop academically. My duty took over, and I was working very hard to provide for my family and secure my younger siblings a chance to get proper education, as well. Aside with this, I did realize the importance of education, and would not have started my academic career had I not seen a strong potential and call for knowledge in me. Although, most unfortunately, I could not secure due attendance and my complete involvement into educational process, I did succeed in my psychology classes. I got C's in two classes, and I do acknowledge this. I have attempted to catch up on the material I missed out on in order to refill the gap I had in my knowledge.I do not believe that my academic score reflects my academic potential most accurately, and I am confident that I will have more time to fully immerse into my Master's program and not take any education possibility for granted.

As I cannot go back in time and increase my less-than-impressive GPA, I realize that, if accepted, I will have a possibility to ameliorate and make sure my academic performance indicator correlates with my true longing for knowledge and the inner drive I feel towards examining and researching various aspects of the chosen field of studies. Therefore, as far as my reinstatement plan goes, I am determined to be more result-oriented and responsible, and make sure I do what it takes to fulfill the chosen program's mission and beyond.

From my personal perspective, acknowledging your mistake and seeking the ways to fix it means much more than covering up the mistake with excuses of different degrees of legitimacy. Therefore, although I do realize that I could hardly make any choice between supporting my family and pursuing my undergraduate degree, as both were equally important and meaningful to me, I do admit that I could have put a bit more effort into keeping up or catching up, when needed with my academic progress.

Master's program in Clinical Mental health Counseling at The Chicago School for Professional Psychology is a serious step for me, and an even more serious boost for my further personal and professional development in prospect. Therefore, I am more than positive that the level of responsibility I will have in terms of this program being predefining for my future success and personal achievements will motivate me to go above and beyond within my academic path.

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