The Angelic Encounter: A Tale of Love, Compassion, and Divine Blessings - Paper Sample

Published: 2024-01-26
The Angelic Encounter: A Tale of Love, Compassion, and Divine Blessings - Paper Sample
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The Love we hold for one another has made us so compassionate about our brethren and transformed us from wrath to favour. We know there is no forever home in this world, behold a brother indeed is a brother in need. Loving itself is a Godly act but when life brings its dark side, abide, endure, and persist. Death, however, sometimes may arrive as a happy act but being careful is the solution to eternity. Between Death and Life, being Worldly and heavenly, which one do we live to choose? When you talk about God's Love, to what extent do you practice it? It's not just a matter of mere talk. Why? Would you talk of something you can't practice to your fellow? In the bible, God himself is identified as Love; his words are so clear that if you hate your fellow man, then you hate God himself the life Maker. Would you want to hate God? Yes, you hate God when you hate that peasant man.

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Long ago, there lived a very humble dressmaker called Pitman. Because of poverty, he struggled a lot to make ends meet in his very tiny house. Life became so hard for Pitman due to his ever-growing family. Putting food on the table was a nightmare to this man more than the work he does. One day before the sunrise, he decided to divide half of his wages to cast another net. That morning he took off to a nearby Market to obtain some sheep skin to help him make leather dresses during the winter coat. All were in Vail as the prices of the materials were so up and high. Out of this, he felt very disappointed and decided to have some hot drinks to reduce the stress he had the entire day.

After the drinks, Pitman felt so good and decided to talk to himself. "Now I have spent the whole day looking for material for work, day by day work so hard but the income is so low, whenever I take food home, the next day it's over but here is me who knows what tomorrow holds for anyone? What if I just take all my daily wages and drink, get home sleep, and wake up for the job the next day? I must balance my life, and I will see if I spend a quarter of my daily wages, where will my life be, but I am so tired." At this moment of internal talk, the streets began to be more colorful with light meaning the sunset. On his way, he saw a very dirty man lying half-naked on his way to the village. Pitman got a mixer of confusion about whether to inquire what the problem was or to move on with his business. On the state, he asked himself several questions:

"What is I decided to help this man, but it turns out to be my enemy, if I go on with my journey then someone comes and harms this Man, will it be a good thing?"

So Pitman decided to mind his journey and proceeded. As he was going forward, the man smuggled towards him in despair, and this made him more frightened. With a lot of courage, Pitman decided to hold and see if he could help. He remembered the story of a Good Samaritan and that we live by Love and faith. When he turned back to approach him, he got no injuries on the man and saw that he looked very fine. Despite being a stranger, he took him along to his house. But because of Love, the man turned out to be an angel, and Pitman, and his family received a wealth that they did not even wish they could have. Love binds us when we care God blesses us with everything.

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