Essay Sample on Strategic Deployment of Internet Devices

Published: 2024-01-24
Essay Sample on Strategic Deployment of Internet Devices
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As a consultant of a large organization seeking to install new Network devices, it is essential to identify the needs of those who will be using the devices and balance it with the management budget. It is important to balance security issues against the need for easy access to the required information (Gibson, 2014). This paper will analyze how an organization can identify the type of network devices they may need and further discuss tools that should be put in place to ensure the organization's efficient running.

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Steps of Determining a Company's Internet Devices

As a company's internet grows, its internet needs also increase, and therefore, it is essential to identify suitable internet devices to help the company achieve its objectives. Installing new internet devices leads to new vulnerabilities and risks to the company’s data. The first step to identify suitable devices is to find out the internet needs of companies. This can be done by finding out the company's specific size in terms of employees and the market size it serves. The second step is to analyze the company’s history of cybersecurity (Gibson, 2014). Any recorded policies against the attempt to attack the company's network will be of great help in identifying areas that might pose a risk to the company. After reviewing the policies, the next step is to identify the specific devices.

Many suitable devices can be used in a network, but the major ones are three, workstations, mobile devices, and servers. It is essential to ensure that every device has antivirus software that will protect against malicious attacks. The commercial version of Mac free is suitable to ensure that updates are initiated from within the network. As a result, all employees will quickly update the antivirus and reduce the risk of downloading a virus to update the antivirus.

Countermeasures to put in Place

For the network devices to work effectively, it is essential to ensure that proper security measures are put in place. It is necessary to identify as many risks as possible to find strategies to minimize those risks. One technique that I would implement to ensure that all threats have been minimized is utilizing the seven domains of a typical It structure. The seven environments to be considered are LAN, Work station, User, LAN to WAN, Remote access, system, and WAN domain (Gibson, 2014). It is essential to go through the environment and identify all possible threats.

Internal network assents are also important where IT experts will analyze the network internally to identify any loop wholes that can be used to attack the system. A group of experts should be selected to analyze the system continuously to identify vulnerable points. To improve security, I would conduct audit trials that will help record all auditable events. For example, Microsoft Windows contains security logs that help record auditable windows (Gibson, 2014). The audit trials document how, where, when, and who conduct the login attempts. If they are revealed, then it is easy to identify any suspicious activities.

Network devices are critical to every origin, and that is why specific steps should be followed to identify the suitable devices. Also, the security of an organization’s data is paramount, and there in the paper, various method to identify and prevent vulnerability has been discussed. As an IT consultant, I believe that the above steps will help any large organization in need of better internet devices.


Gibson, D., & Igonor, A. (2014). Managing risk in information systems. Jones & Bartlett Learning.

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