Free Essay on Canadian Health Care

Published: 2022-03-01
Free Essay on Canadian Health Care
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Healthcare in Canada is undoubtedly inefficient and unreliable despite the fact that they deal with life-threatening cases immediately. This inadequate health care is attributed to various factors such as the fact that it is free and most of the services are offered by the private entities. Some of non-urgent health care cases may be very critical to a patient, therefore, acting as a significant risk to the health of the person. (Hoque & Bao, 2015) However, healthcare in Canada can be improved by use of the waiting line theory in various ways. They include:

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To begin with, Canada can improve its healthcare by establishing more health care service facilities. If the nation builds and equips more hospitals in Canada, the patients will have more places that they can access health care services and hence reduce congestion in the few healthcare facilities. As a result, the waiting time in these healthcare systems will be significantly reduced. (Simwita, 2017)

Secondly, Canada can improve its health care system is attending to patients on a first come first serve basis. With these characteristic queue patients who feel that they cannot join the line because it is too long will help the queue to move faster, and hence patients who are genuinely interested in accessing health care services will be attended. By extension, the first come first serve basis will significantly increase access to health facilities in Canada. (Hopkins, 2016)

In addition, increasing the service speed to reduce the service time will substantially expand health care services in Canada. When medical practitioners attend to the patients in a fast way, the waiting time will be reduced and hence improve health care services. Increasing the speed of the medical practitioners can be done by using modern equipment in health care. (Din at el, 2016)

In conclusion, it is evident that the queuing theory can be of significant influence in reducing health care services in Canada. Adopting a health care system that is guided by the theory will bring efficiency and speed in the health care.


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