Occupation's Therapeutic Tapestry: Impact on Health and Well-being in Contemporary Perspectives - Paper Example

Published: 2023-12-29
Occupation's Therapeutic Tapestry: Impact on Health and Well-being in Contemporary Perspectives - Paper Example
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Occupation is considered an aspect that brings together all aspects of what people require to survive and experience health and well-being. Occupation tends to affect people's development and growth as it is a mechanism of belonging to cultures and societies. Understanding occupation has significantly changed through more in-depth knowledge and tackling how the occupation is used as a therapeutic tool in treating various illnesses and disabilities. Also, more exploration of the inherent purpose and outcome of human beings' occupational nature has changed the understanding of the occupation.

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Performing occupation has a significant influence on people's lives in various ways. It impacts satisfaction and happiness as people have subjective feelings of well-being and fulfilment of their needs, interests, and expectations through multiple occupations (Law, Steinwender & Leclair, 2018). The ability to undertake everyday occupation has a significant influence on health and well-being. Participation and performing in a profession promote occupational performance and contribute to people's well-being and good health.

Mothering is one of the significant roles in a woman's life around the globe. I am a mother, and it is the most salient aspect of my life. It is a dynamic role as it changes over time. It has played a significant impact as the parts affect personal well-being and health. The transition to mothering demands a new way of organizing daily routines and occupational balance. As children grow, the role shifts to participation in the children's lives by providing financial and emotional support.

The mothering role encompasses various occupations like being a caregiver, hobbyist, and worker. The disciplines are connected to the part. For instance, the mothers tend to be the primary caregivers to their children, and they should balance their occupations to ensure individuals' well-being. I belong to the adult parenting population, and it affects the performance of the role due to the existence of other activities that must be undertaken like studying.

The occupation tends to be affected by various factors. For example, being a caregiver has been influenced by socio-economic status if I can provide for the child. Also, hobbyist has been influenced by skills, and being a worker has been influenced by the level of education as it determines the type of job you can acquire. The occupation's performance has dramatically influenced health and well-being through active participation and engagement in the roles. Through various sources of support, relationships, and demographic variables, health, and well-being have been achieved.

Occupational therapy is considered as a client-centred profession that is concerned with promoting health and well-being through occupation. In its position statement, it has therapeutic potential and the ability to affect health position positively. Engagement in a meaningful field increases self-reported health outcomes that include the cognitive, psychosocial, physical, and overall quality of life.


Law, M., Steinwender, S., & Leclair, L. (2018). Occupation, Health and Well-Being. Canadian Journal Of Occupational Therapy, 65(2), 81-91. doi: 10.1177/000841749806500204

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