Time Management Development - Free Essay Sample

Published: 2022-12-13
Time Management Development - Free Essay Sample
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According to Forest (2018. 13), it is essential and necessary to work hard, but at the same time, we need to manage our time to get things done. Therefore, in his book Reclaim Your Time, he outlines some of the strategies one can apply to manage their time better. Using these strategies, we can be more productive, and our work appears more attractive. When improving time management, it is essential to readjust one's goals. To achieve something in a person's career, one needs to consider other options that would help them achieve their goals. For example, it may appear tedious and time-consuming to open a personal office, but it would also mean that one can manage themselves better. It is vital that we focus on what is essential. By identifying what is necessary and prioritizing, we are actually left with enough time to spend with family.

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Another strategy is periodically taking a look at where an individual is going, and if necessary, one should consider taking a detour. Every once in a while, we all need to reevaluate our goals and strategies to accommodate the critical things in life. It is important to manage time as a sign that we can manage our own lives. This way, we can get value out of the hard work that we put in. Therefore, it is vital that I have clear and precise goals. These goals also involve having long-time goals and short-time goals. For each goal, I should outline how I will achieve it. Without clear and precise objectives, one is likely to waste a substantial amount of time.

Forest reminds us in his book that, "there are never enough hours in a day, the better you manage yours, the more time you will have," (Forest, 2018. 38). One requires clear goals as well as good habits to make more time available. One can easily waste time with all that is happening around us and therefore, we need to have a way of managing our time. We need to know what we want as well as what we need. It is vital for everyone who would like to manage their time - including myself - to separate what we think we want and what we really want. Therefore, in the following strategy, I intend to use a substantial amount of time to figure out what my actual goals are as well as the amount of time required to accomplish these goals.

Another strategy in managing time involves reviewing my work environment. Every once in a while I need to reevaluate my working environment to identify whether I am saving on time or wasting it. At the same time, one needs to evaluate and reevaluate those around them each day during working hours to identify whether they are helping the individual achieve their goals. If not, Forest (2018. 38) encourages us to make the necessary changes to optimize on the working days.

Finally, it is essential to manage both working hours. It should start by knowing oneself and looking at what strengths or weaknesses a person may have. By doing so, we fail to blindside ourselves by becoming more self-aware and eventually becoming more productive. By knowing ourselves, we can amplify what we are good at and suppress our weaknesses (Forest, 2018. 3). We should also keep in mind that the amount of time we spend and how we spend it is also dependent on the people around us. "When you are with productive people, you will automatically increase your won productivity," (Forest, 2018. 25)


Forest, B. (2018). Reclaim Your Time (1st ed., pp. 1 - 39).

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