Essay Sample about Advertising a Brand for the Target Audience to Let Them Buy It

Published: 2022-06-08
Essay Sample about Advertising a Brand for the Target Audience to Let Them Buy It
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There are many types of business activities engaged in by business organizations, entities, firms, and companies. They include the manufacturing, processing, and servicing operations in areas such as banking, shoe, and clothing manufacture, consumption goods processing, as well as soft drink and other types of business activities. In this case, the concerned entities spend their resources which constitute the costs expended in the business. Every business expects that they regain the expenses spent together with profits for their activities to continue perpetually as per their plans. Therefore, the selling prices of goods should cover them all. It is an undertaking that relies wholly on the availability of the customers to buy and consume the availed products. On the other hand, the firm at hand should make favorable its business terms to attract more and more customers while outsmarting the competing firms. It also involves the intermediation of the advertising firms that will popularize the product to the target audience, attracting them while giving them reasons why they should choose the product at hand instead of a wide array of similar ones offered by competitors in the market. Therefore, an advertising firm concocts and employs a wide variety of elements in its advertising task, to get the work done.

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First, the advertising firm chooses an appropriate medium for advertising the product at hand. The preferred medium is dependent on nature and more accessible means of reaching the target audience and potential customers as well as the type of product being advertised. In this case, different types of broadcasting media can get employed to reach the target audience. They include the use of radio, television broadcasting, newspapers, magazines, online marketing, and product video interludes in cinema halls and movies, among others. Each mode is dependent on the types of the intended population targeted. Radio advertising is used when the target audience is the general population. It is because it transcends the language, distance and cost barriers (Veerkumar et al. 2015). The advertising message can be framed in local vernacular languages to enhance understandability when broadcasted in different languages across the said region. It also surpasses and overcomes the distance barrier in that the advertising message can reach remote areas where other means of advertisements hardly reach. Therefore, it is cost effective and faster while covering a large area in short time.

Additionally, television advertising is favorable where the product being marketed is intended for a significant consumption by the middle class and wealthy people. It is because they are the only ones who can afford the television sets. In this case, there will result a partial passage of the product message. Newspapers and magazines are also used to pass the information of the products being advertised, although majorly to the literate target audience. It is thus suitable for promoting those products consumed mainly by the elite population such as books, stationery, machinery, office accessories and automobile spare parts. In other occasions, video interludes can be used to take advantage of the gatherings watching and concentrating on the cinemas and movies being displayed (Ghosh, C. 2014). They will learn about the product as they wait for the continuation of the favorite film they are watching.

Moreover, advertising agencies employ a variety of tools to enable the target audience to heed their message about the product and purchase them. It involves the use of the devised 4Ps in the marketing industry. They stand for product, promotion, pricing, and place respectively. All the four elements interdepend on one another such that they will interoperate when appropriately covered. For the aspect of the product, it should be designed in such a way that its look is appealing to the customers. It should also be packed in different sizes such that it will accommodate customers of a wide range of income. It will thus look favorable and fair in the intended markets. It should also have a brand trademark logo making its unique feature occupy a place in the minds of the customers such that it is recognizable even from a distant, keeping off confusion from other products. Moreover, the technology, tastes, flavors, colorations, and constituents used in making the product should be as per the latest similar products' specification so that it appeals to the current and prospective buyers (Vellnagel, C. C. 2011).

In the product advertisement, there should be the employment of pricing strategies so that the customers will be able to compare the prices offered for similar products in other competing forms. In this case, the management and the responsible stakeholders should ingenuously factor in some factors before deciding on the ultimate cost the buyers are supposed to pay for the product. Apart from factoring in the costs spent in all factors of production and the required profitability, the price of the product should also be arrived at by comparing with those the competing firms offer for similar products. Therefore, the final pricing should favorable relative to that of the competing firms. In this way, the advertising agency will be able to induce a comparative advantage phenomenon to the target customers. They will then compare and find a reason for purchasing the brand. It is because of the perceived benefits they hope to get such as saving some money. Also, the promotion of products by offering discounts and benefits of bulk buying will also go a long way in ensuring that the advertised brand attracts customers who will also get encouraged to purchase goods in bulk.

In advertising the brand, its location should also get unveiled and within reach of the intended group. In this case, the product should not be placed far from the reach of the intended customers. It will encourage them to look for them. In that process, they will have patronized the place, increasing their chances of bulk buying which in turn leads to increased sales volume and profitability to the company. Also, techniques should get applied to attract and ignite the customer's desire to y the products. The advertisers, especially those on the road shows popularizing products that require demonstration, should carry along the free samples for trial. It will help in building confidence on the side of the customer regarding the functioning of the product. Also, aspects such as guarantee and warranty of free repair for a specified period should get exposed to the customers in product promotion to build their confidence for safe patronage.

Cumulatively, the advertising agencies ought to choose appropriate media for product promotion depending on the types of brands and the target audience, alongside the speed and urgency required. Also, the modes used by the competing firms should also be considered together with the pricing strategies, places of product location and the modification of product to appeal the prospective customers. In this way, many customers will get attracted, increasing the sales volume and profitability to the firms involved.


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