Essay Sample about Business Ethics and the Corporate Social Responsibility

Published: 2022-05-30
Essay Sample about Business Ethics and the Corporate Social Responsibility
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With the current sway in the corporate world, many businesses have turned to other better means that tend to keep it in a higher position compared to their opponents. With continuous rise of firms and competitions from all over, many people have had to come up with a creation of ethics that tend to control the flow of the business. With the different approaches being used nowadays, it's tough to keep the market stable. In fact, for the company to thrive and have an understanding of harmony, they have to make use of business ethics. In the business died today, many people tend to engage and in the process, try to find ways that can help them achieve their success. Some of the steps taken may be entirely unethical and with harsh effects on other business people. For instance, someone might get into a business and try all means to kill the competition by subsidizing the prices. This gives him a chance to, but it is harming other companies. This is not fair, and therefore, it is just OK that business ethics are put to use and save the situation. Business ethics is quite extensive and with a lot of subtopics. With the current corporate social responsibility, there are a lot of changes in the business world. Nowadays, it is only fair that these companies get to appreciate and make use of the social status where they are supposed to give back to the society.

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Business ethics is one significant phase of the industry whereby most of them end up proving the true essence of business control. For instance, business ethics does play a significant role in the various companies because these ethics mainly guides even the operations. For example, even with the business language and impression, this is entirely under ethics. When talking to consumers, the employees have to practice some ethical approaches that will surely interest the customers. This is why during their training, the employees are taught on how to deal with the customers in a very subtle manner. This brings out the fact that business ethics play notable roles from place to place. While dealing with customers, some of them may appear to be rude or rather so demanding. However, because the employees need to make a sale, they have to put in a lot of effort that ensures their patience with such customers. ( C, 2009) At times, the customers are quite irritating and might spark a sense of defiance from the employees. However, with adequate training on the business ethics, they have to manage these anger issues. With effective ethics use, most of the employees can secure a right image for the firm. Sometimes, these rash reactions that employees give to the consumers have a significant impact on their ratings out there. Many customers tend to believe that a firm can handle the pressure handed over to them. Therefore, whenever they make their demands, they expect that it is honored fully.

With business ethics, the dress code is also quite crucial. In the business world, they do believe that the first impression plays a massive role in the sales process. According to them, when the employees can show a significant phase of professionalism from their dress codes, they also help increase the probability of the products being picked by the customers. For many companies, they have understood that image is vital in marketing. It is because of this that you find them putting a lot of focus on their brand and their impression. Because of this, many people nowadays are living mainly from brand creation. To create a very appealing brand, they have to make use of exciting things that are easily relatable to the concerned market. With the corporate nature of businesses today, to strike deals, the person in charge is usually supposed to have a lot of professional looks. This means that for them to engage in business, they have first to give the impression that they know what they were doing. (Drucker, 1981) When this is done, even the other approached parties now begin to feel that they are doing business with a firm that profoundly understands what they are doing. This assures them that there will be minimal loss towards their investment. Because business ethics does highlight the need to make the impact to the consumers. Bearing the fact that all these firms are just trying to make a sale, they have to use all creative means to build their brand name for sale. Before a brand name can gain recognition, it has to take a lot of leaps and factors that would make it stick entirely to the minds of the consumers.

For many companies, they also have to adhere to the production levels set. This is why there is a lot of standards being arranged so that the consumers can have the best products to consume. According to business ethics, production companies have to come out clean with their products. This means that whenever they are producing products, they have to make sure that they do inform the consumers whether there is any side effect related to the product. In fact, whenever a form fails to highlight these, they are usually liable to charges because it is clearly stated that they have to make sure that the truth about their products is brought to the open. Furthermore, with the measures on the products, they also have to take into consideration all the consumer groups. (Moon, 2001) This means that whenever they are providing the product, they have to find a way that ensures that in no way shall the product have a negative impact on other consumer groups. This means that if the product may pose harm to people with diabetes, then it is fair that this is highlighted. In business ethics, there comes another series of competition and how this is handled. Bearing the fact that many companies are nowadays coming up with following companies that produce almost similar goods, business ethics has had to come in and work on the issue to prevent rising of conflict among the firms. With the current advertisement billings with the firms, there is a lot of disagreement among the different companies. From time to time, there have been issues of companies illegally acquiring products meant for another company and using them as their own. With such problems, it is proper that they make use of the copyright and secure their property.

Business ethics is one broad subject that can only be well brought out with deeper meaning towards itself. It is also important to note that business ethics also focuses on the outside world. In as much as these ethics try to major on the comfort of business ventures, it also has been able to look at ways through which it can be of importance to the outside world out of the business field. During production, it is only fair that the production process takes into consideration the surrounding environment. With the fast rate at which pollution is wearing the globe off, measures need to be made fast to ensure that the existing situation is saved. It is for this reason that a lot of the firms dealing in production have to ensure that they adhere to the environmental regulations. For instance, the law is quite strict on dumping and gas emissions. This is because out of the most productions being made, and the waste materials are being just carelessly gotten rid of. This careless riddance is what weakens the ecosystem and puts earth in danger of extinction. Some regulations have been put in place that tends to ensure that the firms find a way through which they would be able to take care of their waste materials. With business ethics, they have also to make sure that those non-biodegradable materials have a way through which they can be disposed of in ways that ensure that pollution is done away with. Being a significant issue, many stakeholders have taken a keen interest in the business ethics about the environment approach. Due to a lot of development in technology and rise of competition, there are more chances of the pollution and destruction of the environment increases. Therefore, this means that the ethics highlighting this matter have to get away for them to manage this situation.

Business ethics is also intertwined with the corporate social responsibility. This entirely means that the firms have a responsibility to keep up with the social state of the universe. Advertisement and customer relations play a significant role in this. When the firms tend to maintain their links with the customers, they have also to have a slot for the customer care where they can be able to meet the requests of the customers. The personnel handling this usually have the FAQs about the company so that they can sort out the questions posed to them about the products. Furthermore, with a lot of clean suites being incorporated in business, ethics is another critical piece. This is because they have to ensure that their policies and products are legally and securely kept. This does provide that less of the competition is brought out because they are able to prove their products legally. Backed up by the legal personnel, these companies are now safe and able to engage with their marketing skills comfortably. With various laws set towards the firms and the business world, many have been able to find themselves on the wrong sides of the law. Bearing the fact that they have to stick to the rule, some of them to try and engage in illegal activities that land them in trouble.

Furthermore with the corporate world in business, a lot of unique treatment has also been employed. In industry, many have come up with luring means to get the investors. However, with the government having its support in the business, they have come up with ways that ensure that once they get a grip of the potential investors, they pamper them with perfect treatment so that they can not look for other competing companies. (Sheehy, 2015) With good stock rates and a clear plan for sales, the companies make use of the ability to clear their path to allow more investments. Furthermore, with the corporate side of the business, they also have to maintain their ethics especially in creating employment for the personnel. They have a chance to make use of the qualified staff where they have to conduct a fair hiring process so that the employees can be able to see the good nature of the process. (McWilliams, pg. 117-127) Many of the well-established firms and businesses are usually mandated to give kitties to the people. In fact, in addition to the taxes they are mandated to pay, these firms are also supposed to come up with means that tend to give back to the society. In as much as most of these businesses part away with a lot of money regarding taxes, most of them also can run some initiatives. Bearing the fact that these are profit related firms, they usually see it fit to give some of their earnings to the less fortunate. This move does not only seem like a kind gesture but also comes out to increase their popularity among the consumers. This is also another form of marketing strategy.

In fact, for these firms to get that full wave regarding production and consumption, they have to make full use of the business ethics combined with the corporate side that mainly majors on the society point of view. In marketing, they also have to make sure that they have the consumers in mind. With this, it means that the firm has to find out what the consumers prefer and significant on that to bring in another outstanding product that the consumers will appreciate fast. Business requires a lot of creativity and smart thinking because for a firm to stay relevant, they have to find ways through which they can be able to stay ahead of the competition. (Smith) This is the only way that ensures the company has a better name compared to its opponents. It is because of such that advertisement is seen to be very important.

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