Paper Example. Promoting the Value of the APN Model to the Public

Published: 2023-04-05
Paper Example. Promoting the Value of the APN Model to the Public
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The interventions implemented by Advanced Practice Nurses (APNs) are valuable to the public and require describing the core competencies associated, such as clinical practices, research skills, and expert coaching, among others. To promote the value of the APN model to the public, there is a need to find the correlation between the processes and the outcomes (Cooke et al., 2011). These processes refer to the strategies of care, while the outcomes are the structures they put up to ensure the satisfaction of the clients. The plan is to ensure that the public is aware of the practical improvements of the nurses to ensure that the outcome of their practices is satisfactory.

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Why APNP Care is Essential

The nurses work towards ensuring that the patients get no readmissions, they incur fewer costs, no further complications, and that their health status is at its best. The nurses have attained high-level skills that they demonstrate in the intervention. They make use of evidence-based practices while delivering content and also maintaining the relationship of the patient (Sastre-Fullana et al., 2017). They also have clinical and professional leadership aspects that they demonstrate during their interaction with the patients. The receivers of health care can utilize the expertise and guidance of these nurses towards their healing. The nurses use the specialties of other disciplines, including psychology, social work, and physical therapy, to care for the patients.

Utilizing an APN as a Provider of Services

The APN model helps in the assessment of the practices of these nurses and the impact on the receivers. Promoting its value can be through collaboration. It will include demonstrating partnerships and utilizing of the health care team members to impact the care benefit of the patients. That will ensure ethical decision-making skills while identifying the concerns of the administration.

The Efficiency of APNPs v. Other Health Care Provider Roles

APNPs have gathered knowledge concerning the needs of patients inclusive of awareness and utilization of medical care. This way, they have better skills to perform their jobs compared to other healthcare providers who are at lower levels in providing services. APNPs ensure improvement in perceived competence and knowledge of appropriate imaging.


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