Essay Sample on Building an Emotionally Intelligent Organization

Published: 2023-04-08
Essay Sample on Building an Emotionally Intelligent Organization
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A risk that the organization can take to improve profit or efficiency is revitalizing products and services. The services include emotional intelligence training of employees and organizational capacity building. Through the emotional training of employees, the employees can become good salespeople and can communicate with clients well and foster a culture of trust. The organization that has been making huge losses can identify the products that are aging and are not accessible to customers (Bril et al., 2018). It can repurpose their old uses to attract new customers and markets. It opens new streams of income to the organization that enables it to make massive profits. The organization can conduct a monthly customer survey to get feedback from the clients whether they are satisfied with the revitalized products and services. It enables the organization to improve its products and keep long-term customers.

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The revitalized products and services will attract many clients and customers, improve profits or effectiveness, and meet customers' expectations about the new products and services. The employees feel safe to share ideas that lead to proper decision making and positive culture. The clients' failure to buy the revitalized products can lead to massive losses in the organization and the likelihood of closure of the business. The organization should take risks and repurpose its products and services, depending on the client's expectation and satisfaction (Bril et al., 2018). According to this analysis, an organization should take a risk that can lead to fewer losses and more gains. For example, by revitalizing products, the organization will reduce the dormant products that generate zero income for the organization. The training of employees and organizational capacity building will lead to proper decision-making, thus increase in revenue. It can consult for inputs from professionals that will help the organization to improve the shortcoming of taking risks.

The core belief influences decision-making. It defines a culture that guides behavior which promotes trust and more efficient decision making. It enables individuals to set performance targets, come up with long-term strategies, and identify priorities targets. The problems and obstacles occur as unpleasant surprises. For example, to avoid unpleasant surprises, the organization should not re-organize employees and re-establishing shared values to solve organizational problems. It should train the employee the effective ways to treat clients and to foster togetherness in the organization.The employees should be able to read the customers accurately and talk to clients well. The organization leader should roll out a plan to encourage better and more effective services to the customers (Kirkiler, 2017).

In conclusion, a risk that the organization can take is to revitalize products and services to attract more customers to improve profits. It repurposes the dormant products that generate zero income for the organization. It should train employees on how to communicate with clients to keep long-term clients. The beliefs about the products and services offered by the organization may have an impact on the profits. If the organization does not meet the cultural expectations of customers, it may lead to unpleasant surprises caused by considerable losses in the organization. The organization should implement activities that foster togetherness and allow employees and clients to bond and build healthy relationships.


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