Paper Example. Aircraft Stability and Control Parameters

Published: 2023-11-19
Paper Example. Aircraft Stability and Control Parameters
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The audience of the document that contained the extract is someone interested in H-mode and how it functions. The reader is likely to be a pilot, a trainee of aviation, or anyone interested in aviation. The audience seems to be very curious, and so the instructor uses inferences to train them about H-mode. Was learning how to enhance aircraft stability and factors that might result in its instability aboard. The article gives general similarities and a difference between the airplane H-mode and a horse.

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The paragraph's organization needs a little change, although it makes sense to make it more appealing to the audience. One of the issues that require correction is that the author repeats some words, such as the term "just," which they use several in the paragraph. The author could have chosen to use either analogy or comparison to describe the functionality of the H-mode. If the explaining mode had been inferring, there would have been no need to compare the H-mode with Horse riding.

After editing, the paragraph should read as follows, “The relationship between a pilot and H-mode is similar to a horse rider. Like a horse ridder, a pilot and the machine communicate through haptic feeling and each response. The same way a rider does not control the horses' hooves' movement, the pilot does not have to manipulate all parts of the machine. Similar to the way one controls a horse using reins, they have to control the PAV using the control stick to best negotiate turbulent air. In case the pilot performs a dangerous tactic, the H-mode takes a corrective measure just like a horse does when it senses that the instructed step can harm it. If the pilot detects the driver's incapacity, it directs the airport to the nearest airport the same way a horse takes the rider to the barn. However, the H-mode is different from a horse in that a horse will ignore what the rider wants and mind its business. Like the way a rider assumes that a horse has a mind on itself, the pilot also leaves the H-mode to direct him when they have no options left."

The pilot’s relationship with a pilot and to the H-mode is similar and is compared towith a rider’s relationship withto athe horse (Figure 13). The Pilot and the machine communicate intent through tactile haptic feel and each does their part. The pilot does not directly manipulate control surfaces, imilar to the way just as the a rider does not control the place each horse’s hooves.the pilot does not directly manipulate surfaces The pilot guides the PAV with the control stick and the H-mode negotiates turbulent air the air as best it can, just as a rider guides through the reins making and the horse to negotiate rough terrain. If the pilot tries to perform a dangerous maneuver, the H-mode will attempt to take corrective action, the same way just as the horse will balk when the rider instructs it to do something that might harm it. If the pilot is inattentive, the H-mode will try to re-establish involvement, and, failing that, will assume that the pilot is incapacitated and divert to the nearest airfield for help, just as a horse would bring its rider to the barn. However, the key difference between the H-mode and the horse is that the pilot is always in command and can always override the H-mode simply by applying more force, unlike the any rider who will tell you that sometimes the horse has a mind of its own. It is the maintenance of the pilot-in-command principle that allows the benefits of the pilot-H-mode partnership without the liabilities of autonomy unreliability.

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