Essay Sample on Branding Strategy in Marketing: Starbucks Backgrounder

Published: 2023-03-27
Essay Sample on Branding Strategy in Marketing: Starbucks Backgrounder
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Ideally, a backgrounder is a necessary document often created along with a press release or as a significant part of the broader media kit. The backgrounder can also be described as a summary of an issue or organization for media coverage. A backgrounder is, therefore, a vital tool that offers to the press or any other interested parties with a piece of profound knowledge regarding an issue or a product that may be required in writing or airing about a corporation. The substantial information concerning a corporation's primary products and services, as well as its position in the market, contributes to the illustrative stories of the press writers. Besides, the press are deadline-oriented individuals, and thus, a critical backgrounder gives them the adequate information they require to write or release a complete story about the issue at hand. The following paper represents a backgrounder that provides a piece of more detailed information and some insights concerning the success of Starbucks in marketing as a result of its branding strategy.

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First Paragraph/ Summary

Notably, branding strategy is substantially a useful approach through which a company understands the needs of potential customers and efficiently delivers it to them. Branding primarily involves understanding the target audience in the market and maintaining a strong consumer base and attracting more customers while improving the interest of the existing customers (Geereddy, 2013). As such, Starbucks applies exceptional branding strategies that essentially concentrate on building a unique brand on each of the products.


The two-principal aim of the branding strategy is to find out the target market and to develop a compelling marketing mix of the target market (Lingley, 2009). The Starbucks Company is an American founded corporation that began its procedures in 1971 as a significant marketer, retailer, and premier roaster of coffee across the globe (Geereddy, 2013). The corporation has approximately 19,000 licensed and operating stores in 62 nations around the world.

Mission/Organizational Process

Starbucks coffee stands out to be the most used brand within the coffee industry. Starbucks successfully influences its brand equity through merchandising its products (Geereddy, 2013). Moreover, through its excellent brand recognition, the company enjoys a competitive advantage in exploring the international market that significantly assists in products of higher quality.


The Starbucks coffee brand dates way back in 1972 and has been offering the best coffee products around the world to date.


The company's headquarter, including its office locations, is situated in Seattle, Washington, in the United States, with more than 3000 employees working at the center (Lingley, 2009). Typically, product branding is more of connecting with the consumers on an emotional level. Notably, no shortages are indicated involving the coffee houses in the world, although the majority of the consumers find something unique with the Starbucks brand strategy that is not in other coffee sellers.


Geereddy, N. (2013). Strategic analysis of Starbucks corporation. Harvard University.

Lingley, R. (2009). Marketing Strategy and Alliances Analysis of Starbucks Corporation.

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