A Trip to Maeramit Village - Free Essay in Sociology

Published: 2017-11-03
A Trip to Maeramit Village - Free Essay in Sociology
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Surprises will never end as long as we live and every day as we go around the world, we have a chance to learn about different things that we never knew. As simple as these adventures could appear, in some cases, we have never seen to understand the impact they have on our life until later we realize that the incidences changed our lives forever in one way or the other. Like any other trip, I never knew that the journey to one of the villages called Maeramit in Omgoi in Chiang Mai would affect me this much. The main aim of the trip was to interact with the people in this community and at least have a chance of learning more about their way of life. It was a remote area, and with the rough roads, we took close to four hours before arriving in the village. The roads in the village were dirty and crooked; we had to hike high to reach the village and the homes were constructed with materials like wood and bamboo within the small hills. The village has a population of around 350 people who are the descent of Karen, and the culture of these individuals was different.

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The trip was the best study on sociological, cultural differences and social status in the community. Considering the situation of this community, this was the society that was isolated from the rest of the community to the extent that they did not understand their rights and values in the society. There is a lot to be improved in the community, and this is the reason we took the initiative of educating these individuals on the importance of having a stable society that has all the privileges in the society. The location of a community creates a social hierarchy in such a way that a certain society has access to all the basics compared to the others where people live in poverty without anything. The differences in the social hierarchy in communities create social status where some communities remain in the lower part of the hierarchy relative to the others. The people of Maeramit do not have a clean source of water, no toilets, no bathrooms and no other basics. However, due to their social position, they are not aware of the importance of having these necessities in their society. In comparison to other established communities that are aware of what they need especially regarding hygiene, this community has been left behind in everything. I also learned that the problem was a lack of knowledge and who to address to the problems that they were facing as a community. The village was isolated, with illiterate people making them disadvantaged to address anything that they were facing.

Geographical location is one of the most challenges that are facing the society that has made it vulnerable to all the misfortunes. Due to their location, these individuals could not access the necessary medical facilities, schools, and the basics that they needed. The region was so hard to reach and with no roads development is a challenge to the area. These people live a secluded life, and we had to do everything so that we can enlighten then on what is important in their lives especially the hygiene.

Throughout the trip, I realized socialization plays an integral role in the well-being of the people and their culture. Isolation from the rest of the society subject people to poverty, poor hygiene, poor interaction skills and thus can be associated with lack of exposure. As a result, these individuals end up acquiring inferior social status in the society that they live under them for the rest of their lives. On the contrary, the communities that are located in best geographical locations have gained exposure, and this has given them the advantage to access the best facilities in the community. These communities tend to get a lot regarding development and progress. It is also the difference in geographical locations that has made these communities develop compared to others.

In conclusion, there no simple problem to be solved and all issues need to be approached with patience and keenness. For instance, the social status of communities that are created by different geographical locations is something that should be addressed by making sure that these isolated regions have access to infrastructures and social amenities such as schools, hospitals, and roads. This is the only best way that will improve the social status of the Maeramit Omgoi individuals regarding exposure and development. The adoption of educative programs is meant to improve the standards of living for these people so that they can live a normal life like other individuals in the society. However, I do not suppose that these are the changes that may be attained in a single day, no matter how long it will take at the end they may manage to minimize the social hierarchy that is created by different geographical locations.


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