Essay Example on Brand Management Strategies

Published: 2019-08-15
Essay Example on Brand Management Strategies
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When brands venture into social media, they open themselves up to consumers and invite them to join in the brands narratives. What are the pros and cons of this? Give an example. (screen shots of social media postings are encouraged)

One way in which consumers will join in the brand narratives is through sharing a brand and taking it as their own.

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One advantage of sharing brands on the social media is that there is oneness of brand and that the users will have feelings of oneness and they will feel that they are part of the community. There is shared consciousness of kind. There is the shared intrinsic connection between the users of the brands. It is one of the greatest ways of thinking and that the perceptions of the people will be felt. The consumers will feel that they share something and they get that feeling of belonging where they will belong to a community. This will be achieved with the many issues that have in common.

One disadvantage is that if the brand will not be perceived positively by the members that mean that the other members will also get the negativity of the brand. Bad news will travel faster in case this is the case.

What are some of the ways in which brands manage their life cycle? Provide examples

There are strategies that are used to manage the brand cycles. The strategies will depend on the stage that the product is in the development. At the introduction stage, one of the strategies that can be used is that of having a clear and well-thought plan of achieving the brand. One of the strategies is to have distribution channels and have it thought out even before the brand has been launched. There will be great emphasis on having the widest network in the brand.

At the growth stage, the strategy will be to expand brand awareness. It is important to have an understanding of the brand and have it stick in the minds of the consumers. It is common to have consumers think of brands in narrow ways. The main issue in this strategy is to ensure that there is wide brand awareness way will be known.

At the maturity stage, the brand management strategy will be to ensure that there is added value. The addition of value will be something that is significant and should be achieved in the entire process. Another strategy here is to offer incentives to consumers because they have bought the product of the company. Another way is to offer longevity of the brand and have ways that will enable the brand to be enhanced and stay in the minds of the consumers.

An example of a company that has used brand management strategies is that of Adidas. At first, they had quality and comprehensive marketing strategies that they would use to have the brands made known to many consumers. They made sure that they had the brands was known and appreciated by many. They then went ahead and advertised on every platform that they would conceive. They have been adding value to the brand through new features. It has continued to be a known brand the world over.

How do companies build brand meaning (What are the elements that contribute to brand meaning?). Provide an example of a brand that has either successfully or unsuccessfully created strong brand meaning. Explain why

One way in which companies build brand meaning is that they build brand identity. This is the brand salience that is the aspects that the customers are aware of the brand.

The next step would be to create brand meaning. This is where the customers will establish the image of the brand that they are trying to build allegiance.

The next element of brand meaning is building the brand responses. This is how customers will respond to the brand. The marketing activities and the related activities within the brand will be associated with the brand. Some of the concepts that are included here are the brand concepts, quality of the brand, and credibility of the brand.

The other element of brand meaning is brand relationships. This is the stage and the aspects where the customers are concerned about the resonance of the brand and how they are associated with the brand. This is how they behave in terms of loyalty and attitude.


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