Essay Sample on Becoming a Counselor

Published: 2019-11-11 01:38:10
Essay Sample on Becoming a Counselor
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Counseling being a professional discipline endows diverse families, groups, and individuals to accomplish the mental health, education, wellness and profession goals. Different Individual have diverse reasons as to why they want to become counselors. There are those persons who choose counseling as a career just because they once in their lifetime had a good experience with a counselor. Others chose to be counselor due to being involved in volunteer work at the crisis hotline and comprehended that they relished both the defies and the ecstasies of working with clients encrustation trying times. Moreover, also, there are those who were told that they are good listeners and that with that facet, they ought to contemplate working as a psychological health professional. People choose different career paths due to different reasons brought by various interactions that occur in ones life. The essay, therefore, seeks to articulate my views regarding counseling, the motives for becoming a counselor and my values as they relate to the role of being a counselor.

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Ever since I attained the age of 5 years, I had always desired to become a counselor. In most instances, I have loved helping people and seeing them solve their problems amicably. Within our community, there was a wonderful lady who worked as a counselor and was instrumental in my life as she encouraged me to follow my lifelong ambitions. For whatever reasons, persons who seek to partake counseling as a career have a common objective, a craving to aid people grind through the challenges in their life. Some persons desire to work principally with the teens or children while other prefer working with adults. Specific settings like schools, college campuses, and community areas are the places in which different individuals choose to work.

Counseling provides right individuals with a rewarding career alleyway in the health profession which is growing. Counseling provides career satisfaction through professional and personal rewards. Motivations like the desire to understand and help people, self-growth, freedom, controlled intimacy, intellectual stimulation, independence and autonomy, authenticity and self-expression are the factors that shape individuals to becoming counselors. The motivations vary between the contemporary managed care environment and the private practice. To interact with people, it requires a strong desire, exceptional skills in communication and the aptitude to complete a graduate degree. For me to choose to be a professional counselor, it was a commitment to myself, to other and the society as a whole.

Selecting a career of a counselor is just one in the many choices from which prospective students must choose. The student ought to consider different types of specializations in the counseling profession with their diverse work environments and make appropriate decisions regarding their career paths (Barbara, 2014). Different counselors are comfortable in working in various settings.

There are different themes brought in the counseling career. The most benevolent on is that of social or cultural marginalization, the external counterpart of the inner feelings of alienation and the difference that may lead to the concern of others and the place in society where we fit designated as the concept of the wounded healer. Most counselors contend the excruciating early childhood involvements lead to the heightened consciousness of the anguish of self and other individuals prejudicing the career choice. Even though many people undergo painful early childhood experiences, only a small portion chooses to become counselors.

Another theme is that of psychological mindedness, an interest of why individuals feel, think and behave the way they do whether arising from the experiences from early childhood or genetic may be another significant component that shapes one to being a counselor. The wish to psychoanalytically understand a different person understanding of the world or their experiences shapes up counselors.

There are different values associated with the counseling as a profession. The values can be cultural, life and work values. Cultural values are divided into five categories which are self-control, time, social relations, activity, and relationship to nature. All these values range from individual dignity, restoring the relationship, saving marriages and the equal value of persons no matter who you are in the personal wellness, the value of mothers and fathers in the children lifes, personal responsibility, forgiveness, and healing of individuals so that there is no need for counseling.

Counselors general play a significant role in the society. They aid in advising people in upholding the moral and social norms that keep the community together (Amis, 2011). Most individuals who experience problems in their later life are advised to seek the counselor's insight to their problems as they play a vital role in ensuring that there is a better understanding of the problem an individuals undergoing. Counselors have helped most individuals understand themselves and harness a positive thinking out of appalling situations.


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