Essay Sample with the Book Review: Moneyball

Published: 2022-05-26
Essay Sample with the Book Review: Moneyball
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Money ball by Lewis (2014), is mainly concerned with explanations of how Oakland Athletics which is considered to be one of the teams in the baseball. The team appeared to have lost so many games during their playing session of 2002. Primary characters of the book are Bean Billy. He is the manager of the Oakland team. Together with the help if his able assistant Paul, they are both inspired by James on finding of different ways to rethink about the game of baseball. They are supposed to create a new knowledge. This kind of knowledge is seen helping since it helps as the overall basis of measuring the baseball players in a way that they can sincerely determine they are worth.

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Billy's mission had been to change the traditional thinking of the baseball. In light of this, he had to hire Paul, his assistant. Paul who is Harvard economics graduate. He is also a mathematician. With the experience as an economist and a mathematical, together, the two started to analyses the statistics of the game of baseball. Through their analysis, they are able to come up with plies who seem to be undervalued in the game of baseball during that session Lewis (2014).

The two employed the scout tendency. The scout tendency, in this case, was primarily to analysis the plays for what they could see. Through this, they were basically able to predict the future note game. On the other hand, the two came to a concise that the physical look of player does not necessarily translate to the overall performance of the player. According to them, a player is basically made up of what they have achieved in their life as a player.

Paul, therefore, found two static that he thought were directly related to the game of baseball. The autistics that he developed also focused on the Evaluation of the whole baseball sport. This made the two to come up with another model, according to this model, they were trying to demonstrate that a player can perform differently in defend circumstances. They had to the dilemma the winning percentage which in this case was purely based on the slugging percentage. Through this particular evolution, he realized that an extra point which is exhibited by one player is worth more than 3 times which can be achieved in the slugging percentage. Through this analysis, he was able to evaluate the offense of the defense of the term

The motive and the method aloof analyzing the whole defense was driven by the financial market. They created a method that would evaluate the defense by qualifying every event. The team got the system and was able to analyze some of its pitfalls which could be used in understanding in abettor way the overall value of the defense. Following this new knowledge, the tow replaced the loos of Damns defense with some other more defensive playset. With this kind of knowledge, the two were able to realize that, if they could not afford a particular player, they could laws replace the habit of affording the player by reacting its aggregate.

The other successful bit of Billy was his ability to trade. The team was seen to be having a good strategy for the second half of the season. The particular strategy this time comprised of acquiring layers whose prices seemingly had declined as a result of the reduction of the cost of other teams who had previously lost. To accomplish this kind of move, Billy had to exhibit five principle rules of trading. These principles include; change is always good because you have made ideal, knowing what to go after, knowing the worth of every player in the market, the very day that you say that you have to do something is the day that you are screwed.

With these principles in mind, Billy had to make certain changes and some of the trades in the game. Some of these changes included the replacement of Giambi by his brother Jeremy and finally trading with the tops minds in the game like Omar Malaya.

In the book, there is also an introduction of the Chad Branford. This has been specifically used to analyze pitchers. The player Brand ford was considered to be an undervalued player. However, despite this fact, Paul started developing an interest in him after he had read the work of Verso who had critically analyzed the baseball statics and came up a resolution which was known as DIPS (meaning defense Independent Pitch Statics) this was primarily used in analyzing pitchers.

Implications of the book

In the book, Jeff seems to be defining intelligence as predictions. Through his definitions of intelligence, business intelligence can, therefore, be described as the use of data in a way that it will be beneficial in predicting the future. Through money ball, it is quite clear that Billy Bean, James and Paul and others who were directly involved with the game of baseball were seen to be using the aspect of business intelligence to help them in understanding and also predicting the future of their players in the game

According to the book, it has been specifically demonstrated that organizations which are seen to be having data-driven culture and also incorporate it with the use of business intelligence are in most cases able to create a more completive edge in the market. Through the book, there is also the process of rational decision making in the book the ratings in the decision-making process as exhibited by the book could be summarized as follows; first, there is the concept of problem identification. The problem in the team was that they could not find any recognize player despite the fact that they badly needed to win. The second step in decision making is thinking of the alternative solutions. This process calls for the managers to look for players who could easily add value to the teams. The third phase of decision making as exhibited by the book is an evaluation of the alternatives. This is whereby the managers have to have clear look at the team option that they are having and select the ion which will be of the greatest value to the organization.

One of the problem that many of the enterprises are facing today, people today tend to be relying on in the rule of thumbs, tradition and also habits rather than finding various ways in which they can improve their respective organizations and teams. With the improvement of the organizations and team, management will be able to effectively use the available data in the organization. Significantly, with the current advancement which has been experienced in the technological field, there has been an increase in the number of tools in the market that can today be used in the market for the purposes of helping in the creation of the analytical and the aspect of business intelligence. With this kind of evolution in the technological field, it has been significantly easier for many more organizations to implement the idea which has been presented in the money ball book.

It is quite evident from the book that the future of business intelligence is promising. It is a significant concept that can be applied to health cares, education, government and many other entities which involves management. It can be a tool for acquiring new knowledge.

Conclusion: Option and comments

The book has made me to lately reflect a lot as much as it appeared quite technical and I could not comprehend some of the parts, it has overwhelmingly broadened my perspective on the importance of data and its usage in any organizational setup. Also, it has brought to my attention the aspect of business intelligence. This has been presented as a resource which can be used in understanding some of the hidden aspects of buys. This could be applied to any business regardless of the industry which the business falls into. It has left in me the urge and the desire to analyses something new. Also, it has provided me with some of the crucial decision-making processes which I can apply in any field. Finally, failing is a just temporary state which can be turned around with these of good strategies and idea.

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