Free Essay on the Conflict between North Korea and South Korea

Published: 2019-11-18
Free Essay on the Conflict between North Korea and South Korea
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The North and South Korean war on border-related disputes have been a big menace to the two brother nations since the year 1953. The main reason for this perpetual conflict has been the region commonly known as the de-militarized zone (DMZ). This zone is the boundary that separates the two countries. The wars have been so intense that in some cases they led to soldiers exchanging gunfire and allegories. In some cases, South Korea blames the North Korea for sneaking into their territory that contains plant mines. The Korean soldiers from both sides have in most cases been left wounded from the wars as they attempt to protect their interests during these wars. South Koreas primary tactic in solving this border dispute has been that of blasting audio recordings at the border that criticizes the doing of the leaders from the north (Jager, Sheila 92). In response to this, North Korea has always launched a war projectile towards the south. The south after that responds with artillery fire.

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These clashes date back to the 1950s. The two countries did not sign a peace treaty after the war that they had in 1950. Evidently, there still exists an enormous tension between the two nations. The Soviet Union was on one side with China while the US and the United Nations on the other side when it comes to opinions concerning the war. The war ended in the year 1953. The two nations signed a ceasefire agreement after that. The Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) that has been the primary factor behind the conflict was created that year to separate the two countries.

The two nations remained relatively peaceful until October 1966 when there arose a conflict at the DMZ. Troops from both sides of Korea invaded the demilitarized zone and engaged in serious exchanges. The skirmishes were very continuous with an attempt to assassinate the South Korean president Park Chung-Hee in the year 1968. The second assassination attempt was in 1974. Park Chung-Hee survived only to find his wife killed. The North Korea announced in 1996 that they would no longer adhere to the peace treaty that they signed in 1953. These led to another chain of skirmishes in 1996 and the battle of Yeonpyeong in 1999 that left more than 20 North Korean military officers killed. Several actions were witnessed from the next years up to 2007 in when the 1953 treaty was re-updated. All these occurred under the tenure of President Roh Moo-hyun.

The decade- long conflict between South and North Korea almost came to a breaking point in August 2015. The South accused the North of invading their land mines. The skirmishes that erupted led to the dreary injury of two South Korean soldiers. South Korea used the same old loudspeaker tactic. The war threatened to take an intense military action on the south if they failed to shut the speakers. The issue suddenly resulted in a serious dispute between the two nations that urgently needed compelling arbitration (Kim, Suk, Terence, Bernhard Seliger 73).

The severe artillery fire exchange prompted the two governments to sit down together and hold an emergency peace talk. The national security advisor from the south and the chief military officer held the talks that lasted three days. It officials consistently took breaks to consult the leader Kim Jong-un on whether or not to move forward was reported. Park Geun-Hye, the South Korean president, insisted on the loudspeakers continuing until when the North apologized over the land mine issue. The two sides came to terms and apologized for their mistakes. Family reunions were organized to mark the end of the war.

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