Free Essay Sample: Behavioral Science Theory

Published: 2023-09-25
Free Essay Sample: Behavioral Science Theory
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Behavioral science theory perceives that the pace at which a pandemic evolves is a significant factor in our response to it (Jackson, 1997). Coronavirus appeared and spread quickly. Its impacts happen rapidly after infection spanning from the symptoms to severity. On the contrary, global warming has been acknowledged for many years and has grown sluggishly. The harmful impacts are much significant though the worst is in the distant future and grows largely. Human nature is designated to change to quick responses to quickly evolving circumstances though our nature is pathetic at dealing with slow ones. Global warming is occurring slowly to be taken into account as an acute emergency in spite of the fact that it has a bigger existential risk. Global warming is occurring rapidly to be resolved by renewable energy by displacing carbon-oriented fuels. If people had another century before global warming was overwhelming, we would not have to be concerned. The renewables that are more cost-effective than fossil fuels would organically substitute them as fossil assets that reached their lifespan. Renewables continue becoming cheaper and the four generations of future human beings would get past fear in this sector as children would be brought up in a world that has already had sluggish or rapidly expanding renewables.

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Arguably, COVID-19 has transformed the daily lives of Manitobans beyond recognition. The majority of the Manitobans have been cautious about COVID-19 and adhered to the direction of health officials including personal hygiene by using sanitizers to disinfect their hands, keeping social distancing of at least one meter, self-isolate after traveling, wearing masks that have been certified by World Health Organization. These have led to mitigating the number of COVID-19 cases in the province. A significant part of this change has been enforced by legal changes that dictate the behavior of individuals including the closing of academic institutions, restaurants, and bars. However, not all behaviors can be passed into law. There is no individual who can force persons to wash their hands or maintain the recommended social distance. It is challenging to stop persons from gathering when they desire to.

It can be credited to the notion that individuals might think hungriness would deprive off their lives before the coronavirus. the panic buying of detergents illustrates an example. The hoarding of such products presents the perceived uncertainty regarding the presence of such products. Individuals still move from their homes to purchase and try to endanger their lives at their living expenses till these products are procured. Hence, people satisfy their elementary needs at any cost in spite of the fact that are knowledgeable of the harsh reality of COVID-19. Discouraging the fear of COVID-19, there might be individuals whose dear ones are far away from the members of the family and this might produce some levels of fearfulness than those who are together in these unique situations (Arafat et al., 2020b). The need of belongingness to friends, family, and relatives alleviates anxiety and fearfulness. The emotional needs are contented through online and offline channels of remaining in touch with the dear ones. Frequent contact with the members of the family and friends tends to elude the feeling of stress, anxiety, and fear. However, behavioral change does not play a significant role to dealing with global warming. Global warming has continued to foster the world to work as one. With the rise in global warming in recent years, the spread of the adverse effects of the pandemic has brought. By exploring the trends in global warming, we expound an interesting field, we can gain an understanding of the effects of global warming and why it should be regarded as a disaster.

Birnbaum's configural-weight theory

Birnbaum's configural-weight theory explains that from a money point of view, the public have taken COVID-19 more serious than global warming (Birnbaum, 2018). From money perspective, there are billions of dollars at stake when fighting carbon. If individuals can eradicate carbon the affluent fossil fuel organization will promptly have zero revenue. However, they spend significant amount of capital to ensure that the public doubts global warming and courting individuals who are terrified of progress who become both friends and victims. They fall for the propaganda that strive to impede and undo progress and the propaganda and deceits hinder plans from created to combat global warming, plans which human welfare has the authority to rapidly implement. However, there is lack of an organized cartel to perpetuate coronavirus, and almost all of us believe it is criminal if a person infects more persons with the virus for money.

Climate change is typically an existential threat to human wellbeing. We are on voyage to destroying a lively climate. This has been changed; we understand why it is occurring, how it operates, and the ways to combat it. We have the technology to fight it. COVID-19 rapidly appeared and rapidly spread. The mistakes at containment were made whereas there has been victories grounded on the earlier SARS experience and some decided to lie regarding it and carry on to attempt to harm individuals. However, most individuals realize that the threat that pandemic brings and have stretched to other measures like hoarding the toilet paper. Flattening the curve and social distancing has shifted from non-existent phrases a few months ago to the dominant vernacular.

Part II

Global warming and COVID-19 are two distinct challenges though they have similar things. These two crises are worldwide as they do not obey the national boundaries and necessitate nations to liaise with one another to discover solutions. The global community has demonstrated that it can act to explain a crisis with governments or non-governmental organizations taking measures and altering behaviors to the pandemic. When we liaise, even the small individual actions, such as social distancing, can make a significant impact thereby overwhelming the challenges.

The advertising commercial should have an ice cream cone that portrays contamination on earth was established explicitly as it tells individuals about global warming is being impacted by having facts at the bottom of the picture and it demonstrates how our world might look f we do not act timely. Or how world might look already though can still get worse by utilizing an implicit message that is shown by the drawing of the ice cream cone. It is vital for the advertising commercial to take a more combined perception of the environment by taking into consideration the effects of mixtures on the environment. This advertisement is attempting to convey not to be selfish and think deeply regarding the world and each person who lives in our world like us animals, humans, and those who will join us later us into the sphere (Hughes et al., 2017). We should assist ourselves and those who will be penetrating our world later for they will not suffer the impact of our melting ice caps and in order to assist them grow in a clean environment. The individuals who created this advert used the simplest form and manner so individuals can be able to grasp the picture. When person observe the ice cream cone, they can anticipate to observe something actually appealing instead of something that appears gross and melted. This advert is attempting to show us and incites us to take measures. To make a change, it is important to disregard even the smallest change.

If the government advertised a message on the need to alleviate the effects of global warming, consumers are more likely to engage in environmentallyfriendly behaviors. The advert commercial should be internet based though entail posters in public domains printed on a recycled paper and a leaflet that is delivered to each household in the country. The advert campaign should notify individuals regarding their roles in the fight of the pandemic. Also, it is important that the campaign harness the skills of modern designers, artists, and writers to create informative messages that can explain on ways that the public can make a contribution to decreasing greenhouse gas emissions. It would elicit attention to the positive and negative effects of our lifestyles. Few individuals are knowledgeable of the best ways to recycle the distinct types of waste and how they can revolutionize their gardens to foster biodiversity.

Arguably, a good education is one of the most significant tools to fight global warming as it offers children and youth with the skills and knowledge they require to create a better future. Education is bound to assist them to bolster their strengths, creativity, and desire to confront any challenge.

1) H01: Time have no significant effect on difference in public response between COVID-19 and global warming.

2) H02: Money have no significant effect on difference in public response between COVID-19 and global warming.

Part III

Members were given two pictures of countenances and an account of a voice. Their undertaking was to pick which face had a place with a similar individual as the voice. In Condition 1, the visual upgrades introduced were frontal headshots, including the head, hair, neck, and shoulders of the models, like those utilized in past examinations; the sound-related boosts were chronicles of full sentences, spoken by similar individuals. In Condition 2, the visual data just incorporated an edited face; the sound-related improvements in this condition were indistinguishable from the main condition. In Condition 3, we introduced full headshots (as in Condition 1) however the sound-related improvements comprised of segregated English words, as opposed to full sentences. This condition planned to duplicate the sound-related boosts who utilized single words as sound-related improvements.

The questionnaire will be the appropriate tool to collect the data. The respondents will be asked open-ended questions and asked to answer Yes and No responses and fill on time. The dependent variable will be global warming while independent variable will be the advertising commercial on global warming. As such, the aims and objectives of the study will be attained.


Hughes, T. P., Kerry, J. T., Álvarez-Noriega, M., Álvarez-Romero, J. G., Anderson, K. D., Baird, A. H., ... & Bridge, T. C. (2017). Global warming and recurrent mass bleaching of corals. Nature, 543(7645), 373-377.

Jackson, C., (1997). Behavioral science theory and principles for practice in health education. Health Education Research, 12(1), pp.143-150.Birnbaum, M.H., (2018). Empirical evaluation of third-generation prospect theory. Theory and Decision, 84(1), pp.11-27.

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