Essay Sample on Culture and Plastic Surgery

Published: 2023-02-23
Essay Sample on Culture and Plastic Surgery
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Nowadays, the culture of plastic surgery has become common in most parts of the World. People have realized that plastic surgery procedures rejuvenate the facial outlook. I presume that the increasing high dependent on technology, for instance, using smartphones has a great influence on the many cases of plastic surgery. For example, when people are taking selfie, using smartphones, procedures of adding filters can blend in wrinkles, signs of old age, and sun damage are forms of facelift. Therefore, as people get attracted to the phone filters, they opt to undertake the plastic surgery to achieve the real effect of appearance as demonstrated in the filters. For this reason, more people are adopting this procedure because they deem the procedure attractive.

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The culture of plastic surgery largely has influenced my behavior and attitude in many ways amongst the multitude of people who have subscribed to the idea of plastic surgery. I am not an exception because surgery is seemingly a common procedure to boost appearance, thus bringing in an aspect to do with personality and self-esteem. As you are aware, plastic surgery is a fairy tale of the beauty industry today. Every day people walk into doctors' offices with what they perceive to be flaws in their bodies and potentially leave with minimal or null imperfections. According to (Sansone & Sansone, 65), plastic surgery is a perfect procedure for addressing lifelong insecurities and frustrations in a matter of hours. Presumably, plastic surgery is trending because it cuts across different age groups. The implication here is anyone who is concerned about his appearance is at liberty to do the surgery. In this case, candidates do not wait until they attain old age for the procedure to be done, but they can do plastic surgery at any time according to their wishes.

Besides, constant exposure to the media such as YouTube and Instagram have influenced my perception about plastic surgery. The Exposure of images of exceptionally sensational images of people in the social media platforms has triggered the attitude to indulge in using plastic surgery to enhance my appearance.

In other instances, the narrative that other people look more attractive than others is a great contributor for most people I included to seek to undertake plastic surgery. More often than not, there are cases of dissatisfaction with the natural appearance that lowers their self-esteem. Therefore, most people fall victims to undertake the procedure because plastic surgery boosts one self-esteem and image. Alteration of one's appearance comes in many forms, for instance, piercings, false eyelashes, and fake nails, especially for the females. My honest opinion regarding plastic surgery is if plastic surgery procedures improve one's self- esteem and image, I think it is a process worth undertaking because plastic surgery rewinds time.

Another perception that influences the culture is plastic surgery is that the procedure creates a more youthful appearance that increases the cohesiveness of the inner and outer self and boosts morale (Galanis et al. 585). Alongside its physical benefits, plastic surgery is a reward for passionate prosperity. Being free of flaws boosts one's confidence. By improving the physical characteristics, plastic surgery frees patients from social pressure while empowering them to gander optimistically at life (Bazner, 3). In this way, they maintain a balanced diet and highly exercise to manage them. Therefore, it is worth to support plastic surgery because it imparts a positive change to humanity. The health sector can increase awareness to encourage plastic surgery through sensitization and undertaking educational programs to enlighten people about the tremendous benefits and assure people of their safety in spite of doing the process.

On the contrary, some critics have emerged regarding plastic surgery because of the myths that exist and the negative force that oppose plastic surgery. Although the effects are minor, some of the negative effects of plastic surgery include sometimes damage of nerves thus causing numbness, fluid builds up under the skin, may result in the infection of the incision site, and other complications leading to anesthesia. However, the benefits of plastic surgery outweigh the drawbacks. Moreover, I would like to emphasize that some effects are not factual, thus I agree with the procedure for plastic surgery.

I would like to conclude by highlighting that the impressions the society has today are based on one's image and appearance. We all know that people with physical imperfections face discrimination based on their appearance. From the illustration above, the benefits of undertaking plastic surgery supersede the drawbacks. Among the benefits, plastic surgery improves self-esteem; it serves as a passionate reward for prosperity as well as ensuring the medical problems of the patient is restored. This would explain the reason why the rates at which people go for plastic surgery today have tremendously increased. If such physical flaws can be addressed in the doctor`s office in a matter of hours, is it a wonder that approximately one million people seek plastic surgery every year?

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