Becoming an Impactful Teacher: My Vision for Education in New York City - Personal Statement Example

Published: 2023-11-05
Becoming an Impactful Teacher: My Vision for Education in New York City - Personal Statement Example
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I have always had the goal of impacting the lives of people by giving back to the community. Teaching is one of the most direct methods of making an impact and it presented the best opportunity for achieving my goal. I believe teaching is a great medium/bridge to help future generations of kids not only in the educational sense but also in society. According to Rita Pierson, all children deserve a champion, an adult who will never quit on them, who comprehends the power of connection and motivates the children to become the best they can be. For me, this is the true definition of a teacher, and I have applied this definition as a tool for making an invaluable contribution to the community. Being a teacher is a choice that I willingly made to change lives, to be remembered, and to have an impact on future generations. I currently hold a degree in physical education. I have gathered adequate experience and knowledge during my undergraduate studies that have been instrumental in shaping me as a teacher. The reason why I would like to teach in New York City is due to its diversity. The city has a population of more than one million students from various backgrounds; hence there is endless potential for these learners. In New York City, students speak more than 84 languages, while 40 percent speak a different language other than English while at home. Also, and approximately one in five students in the city have special learning needs. Based on these statistics, each of the students in New York City deserves a vibrant education that engages them academically and empowers them personally. I believe I have the quality to develop and maintain this type of vibrant education, which sparks curiosity and confidence in students. I am ready to work towards achieving the ambitious vision of the city in which all students graduate high school fully equipped to follow their dreams. The kind of school community that I am looking for is one that supports students learning, with coherent instructional vision, and has high expectations of students.

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The skills that I possess that will improve student outcomes include: Great interpersonal skills, which are essential when working with students because it means being a leader and role model to students. I also have excellent communication skills, which is important for students to learn the lesson and keep them safe because they will be able to understand my instructions. The other skill is patience and adaptability, which is important as a physical education teacher because students learn in different ways and at different rates. Therefore, patience as a virtue is essential to accommodate the needs of all students. Finally, have great creativity skills that enable me to identify various fun activities for my class for everyone and to keep students engaged. Finally, I would like to say that teaching is my passion and vocation, which makes me better suited for this job.

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