Personal Essay Sample: Plans after High School

Published: 2019-10-16
Personal Essay Sample: Plans after High School
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Although I love Mont wood high school and have great memories of it, I definitely have to transition to the next face of my life that is college and adulthood. I have already made plans in detailed steps on the goals I want to achieve in life. I understand that this is no small decision and it needs a lot careful planning and following through of the made plans. I know if my plans fall into place through determination, hard work and perseverance of the obstacles, I will end up fulfilling my desire of living a happy and successful life.

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El Paso Community College (EPCC) is my first plan and choice for a career in Nursing. It has always been my dream since I was a little child to be a nurse. My desire to be a nurse has also guided me in choosing this distinctive college in the field of nursing and other health care programs. I am committed to the conscientious pursuit of a degree, a master and probably a Ph.D. in nursing because I would ultimately want to emerge as a professor in the field of nursing.

Additionally, the College will ease and help me explore more about who I am. The Classes are cheaper and admissions much easier compared to other colleges and this will allow me to work at least part time to support myself in college. I am confident in my ability to hold down a job while in college based on my current experience working in a local restaurant. I will follow with my advanced diploma towards my degree. I can even transfer my grades to another four-year program to pursue my dream.

An important factor in my college choice is location. I live in East of El Paso, and attend Mont Wood High school, and would like a college that is closer to home yet far enough to give me a sense of independence. This will help me work efficiently not missing home and at the same time working out my independence effectively without constant monitoring from my parents which will promote sole sustainability and self-growth.

The nursing field in this college is highly competitive and requires that I have better grades. For an individual to be accepted, academic performance based on a competitive ranking is determined. Also, it takes a lot of studying, hard work and determination to become a nurse. I am determined to stay focused, and get the obstacles that will hinder me from attaining a better grade. Currently, I am attempting to attain better grades in high school and in the GPA I will work hard to get the best results I can. My mix of the Advanced Placement classes in this field will help me in the college admission. Taking subjects that I excel in like biology will help me excel more.

I also plan to explore my athletic abilities after I join the college athletic team. Choosing a college where athletes play a major role is very important. I would like to participate and I am hoping to play as part their team. The college is a member of National Junior College Athletic Association. My talents will also excel during this time as I plan to explore every available opportunity that will lead me to a successful path and join clubs that help me make use of my talents.

Although college is my main goal after high school, I plan to get involved in community service as a way of giving back to the society. I will help in environmental programs like cleaning, helping the elderly and other voluntary services. Getting more involved in helping not only my parents but also my parents is another important plan. Other plans include traveling, and enjoying my hobbies.

In conclusion, although I have many plans, I really hope that they actualize and that the life I have planned becomes my reality after I complete high school. Despite the many challenges that might hinder them and maybe change in my goals, but with hard work and determination, I will live up to my full potential by accomplishing my plans.

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