Free Essay Sample: Becoming a United States Citizen

Published: 2019-10-08
Free Essay Sample: Becoming a United States Citizen
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Specific Purpose: To enlighten the audience of the necessary steps they should take in order for them to acquire the United States Citizenship.

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Central Idea: How to become a United States Citizen.


(Attention Getter) To all protocol observed, good morning, am dearly humbled to be a part of this great development today. The day that the thousands of your questions and the doubts that have been held for a long time is going to be put to light.

(Reveal your topic) Just like most of you are now well conversant with, today, I have the pleasure of taking you through the journey of becoming a United States citizen.

(Establish Credibility) Most of you, having just recently moved to the United States, have been forced to cope with the hard truth of acquiring the United States citizenship or risk being deported to you homeland.

(Relevancy Statement) The reality is that, this process is not as easy as just walking into one of the McDonalds stores in town and ordering for a pizza but it is one that demand adequate preparation from the concerned individuals and the knowledge of the necessary steps that should be strictly followed.

(Preview of Main Points) One can become a United States citizen based on the following three key provisions by the United States Constitution; by birth, by decent and finally by application through the parents that an individual has or simply application for naturalization (

(TRANSITION: Taking an in-depth analysis of the above named provisions by the Law, I will proceed as follows)


(First Main Point A Complete Sentence) There are several provisions by the United States constitution that allows one to acquire the United States Citizenship by birth (Bray, I. M. (2006). Becoming a U.S. citizen: A guide to the law, exam, and interview).

(Internal Preview of Subpoints (SPs)) The 14th Amendment of the United States constitution gives a clear definition that all of the individuals who have been born within the United States territories and is subjective to the jurisdiction which he/she has found himself/herself in, are the citizens of America and the respective states where they inhabit. This is a law provided by Section 5 of the 14th Amendment that grants the United States Congress the authority to oversee the laws pertaining to citizenship. (

(Subpoint-supports the main point) One can become a U.S. citizen if he/she satisfies the following requirements. (Gagne, T. (2014). Your guide to becoming a US citizen)

(S-SP) To grow into a national of the U.S., one must:

(SSSP) Have been born in the United States or some given places or distant belongings of the United States

(SSSP) These are the areas that are loyal to the rule of the United States

(S-SP) When one is born in any of the territories that is currently being governed by United States, there is a very likely possibility that the individual will be in possession of the certificates of birth that have been issued by the very area of jurisdiction(Bray, I. M. (2014). Becoming a U.S. citizen: A guide to the law, exam, and interview).

(Subpoint) In the case when an individual was born in any of the territories under the rule of the United States, and lacks the territorys birth certificate (

(S-SP) He/she can make use of various documents in their possession to authenticate his/her citizenship status.

(S-SP) The section 301 (c) of the united states constitution argues a child born out of the U.S. is a citizen in case his/her parents had legal marriage at that instance when the child has been born.

(Subpoint) There are instances when an individual is born overseas to lone citizen and some foreign parent in matrimony (Gagne, T. (2014). Your guide to becoming a US citizen).

(S-SP) The child will acquire citizenship based on the section 301(g) of the United States Constitution found within the INA because of the blood correlation between the individual and the parents.

(S-SP) The section 309 (a) found in the INA also ensures that the child makes an adequate claim concerning his or her citizenship.

(Internal Summary of SPs) The above points evidently shows the nature in which the United States tries its best to have all of its citizens documented and be able to trace their roots back to their homeland. This is because, regardless of where an individual has been born, he/she is still able to acquire his/her American citizenship.

(TRANSITION: This clearly shows the provisions by the law, the United States Constitution, which allows individuals who have satisfied the requirements provided by INA to acquire citizens).

(Second Main Point-A Complete Sentence) Becoming a United States citizen by decent.

This can be achieved by an individual having a parent or both parents who are United States citizens or nationals (Thinking of becoming a U.S. citizen?. (2013).


This is an instance when an individual is delivered outside of the United States, having at least one of his/her parents being citizens of the United States and that the concerned parents made a recording of the individuals birth with the American embassy or a certain Consulate in the very country: (

(S-SP) In the case that the given birth was recorded before the child turned 18;

The respective embassy or the given consulate issued the childs parents with some document known as a Consular Report of Birth Abroad, the document acts as a proof that an individual is actually a United States citizen.

a. (SSSP) In the case the consulate or the embassy failed to give out a Consular Report of Birth Abroad and one has attained the age of 18 or is even older, then the affected individual can go ahead to search for a Certificate of Citizenship from the United States Citizenship and the respective Immigration Services. If one has the document, then it will act as a proof of his/her United States Citizenship.

b. (SSSP) In the case an individual was born outside of the territorial boundaries of the United States, there are also other provisions in United Constitution that can still allow the individual to be acquire the United States citizenship.-from (Bloemraad, 2006)

(S-SP) If one of the parents is a United States citizen and has been an inhabitant of the country, States, for a period not below one year.

(S-SP) If one of the individuals parents is a national of the United States.

C. SSSP) one can also be a United States citizen even if he or she has been born outside of America if: from

(S-SP) Both of his/her parents are registered United States citizens

(S-SP) The only provision that he or she should have is that at least one of the parents must have lived within the United States.

(TRANSITION: The law and the provisions in place ensures that not everybody acquires American citizenship but, only after the Immigration department have been convinced and the requirements met.)

(Third Main Point-A Complete sentence) Citizenship by Naturalization

(Internal Preview of Subpoints (SPs)) Naturalization is the procedure via which a foreign citizen or a foreign national acquires the citizenship of the United States after he/she has fulfilled the establishments by the U.S. Congress concerning the requirements found in the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) (

(Subpoint) To be a United States citizen by naturalization, one must apply for naturalization (

(S-SP) There are several tests that an individual should be subjected to for them to acquire natural citizenship.

All of the applicants wishing to have naturalization are always tested on their English and their knowledge on the Civics concerning the History of the United States and the United States government.

The current servicemen and the veterans within the armed forces of the United States and the individuals who are depending on them currently have eligibility for provisions of naturalization.

C. (SSSP) For one to apply for naturalization, there is a certain form that he or she is required to fill. from (

(S-SP) The form is known as the Form N-400, or simply the Application for Naturalization. This is for the civilians.

(S-SP) For the sake of the servicemen and women who aspire to be American citizens, they have at their disposal the M-599, or the guide Naturalization Information for the Military, to take them through the process.

(TRANSITION: The above point clearly shows the diverse nature in which a person can become a citizen of the U.S, the service men and women are also incorporated!)


(Summary of Main Points) In conclusion, I can advise you that be there anyone of you who is contemplating of becoming a United States citizen or who has an urge of having a dual citizenship with the United States, then take a keen not of the above stated procedures. Take note that you can only be a United States citizen by birth, by decent and by Naturalization.

(Memorable Close/ClincherTie this back to the Intro) Thousands of foreigners have been welcome into the United States over the last few years. Thanks to the expansive nature of welcoming heart that has been portrayed by the United States. It has warmly welcomed its visitors, including the immigrants from all of the four corners of the world.

America has and will continue to have a high valuation of the immigrants contributions towards enriching the United States of America and ensuring that its very legacy is preserved, a land that is known for its opportunity and freedom

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