Love Profile Essay: King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn

Published: 2022-05-26
Love Profile Essay: King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn
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Courage, talent, passion, it is hard to complete a sentence about His Majesty King Henry VIII without any of these qualities coming up. Ordained before his birth, he was destined for greatness the minute he breathed his first on June 28 the year 1491. Though he was born in royalty, in the Tudor lineage, no one thought he would sit on the throne of Europe's most thriving kingdom yet today he reigns in supremacy.

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His Majesty has had the privilege of excellent parentage from his father King Henry VII and Queen Elizabeth of York, and this has nurtured him into a civilized gentleman. Resilience defines his defiance of natural maladies that has seen him survive infancy with three out of his six siblings. At an early age, the King was already exercising authority and stood as a symbol of responsibility to his subjects. At the age of two, Henry was the Constable of Dover Castle not forgetting acting as the Lord Warden of Cinque Ports. Courage was a virtue he nurtures from his early ages, and King Henry VII exuded confidence in appointing him as the Earl Marshal of England and Lord Lieutenant of Ireland. Therefore, the King has a strong commitment to protecting those he loves and those he serves.

The King is an intellect, and his knowledge of world affairs, military science, astronomy, and mathematics captivates even philosophers. The King has had the opportunity to be tutored only by the best educators available. It is worth noting that he is multi-lingual, he writes in French, not just Latin and Italian but also often enjoys engaging in eloquent conversations in these dialects. Those who share the King's reading hobby find his company delightful for he not only keeps a well-stocked library but also has read close to a thousand books. What separates him from other learned Kings in the world is his natural talent and brilliance. King Henry VIII is one of the most accomplished artists of our times who not only owns an assortment of instruments but also plays the flute, the organ and virginals. Besides being an instrumentalist, his dancing captivates, and his singing is enchanting. As a talented composer, the King has sung himself into the heart of his subjects with the "Pastime With Good Company" song. It is hard to find a good singer who is also a poet, and his Majesty does both. Therefore, the King enjoys art and is an entertainer.

One of the King's most notable passion is in sports. His Majesty often demonstrates his competitiveness and health fitness by engaging in different games. Key among the sports he enjoys includes jousting, real tennis, and archery. With his well-built athlete body, tall frame and muscular physique coupled with talent, the King is such a spectacle to watch in these sports. He finds pleasure in adventure, his favorite pastime activity is hunting, and it makes him wear out eight horses in a day on a hunting expedition. More so, his taste in fashion, quality food and wine come out when he hosts glamorous banquets in a palace like Nonsuch which he helped design and construct.

King Henry VIII has excelled in his public life. As a defender of his people, the King has shown courage in personally leading and winning military campaigns against the French. The Roman Empower Maximillian I honored the King's bravery with a knighthood. Additionally, the King has shown he cherishes religious devotion by defending the freedom of religion. His enthusiasm in adhering to religion doctrine inspired him to author the Greensleeves book that supports the Catholic faith from ideas of Martin Luther. This commitment has won Henry accolades from the Pope. Additionally, the King treasures loyalty hates, untrustworthy characters and is quick to serve justice. It is in the public limelight that the King has confiscated properties from corrupt and treasonable individuals such as the Kings College Chapel and Trinity College and put it to public use. As a charming leader, the King takes a genuine interest in his people and remembers all the servants who serve in his court by name. In King Henry VIII, one finds the model of a man who is civilized, affectionate, and with a sincere desire to please those he cares for.

Love Letter to Prospective Bride

Dear Anne Boleyn,

My Love, my only love, it pains me that I have not written to you for three weeks now. It is barely a day since I came back from my hunting expedition. I will not share with you how much I have suffered at the thoughts of missing you for I comforted myself that you were also equally uncomfortably miserable. Though I have had a desire to write to you, today something happened that transformed the longing to an obligation. As you already know, jousting is the only other thing that makes me feel alive other than the thoughts of being with you. Today I had a challenge from Charles Brandon, the Duke of Suffolk and as I mounted on my horse and started racing, I felt suddenly distracted. I looked ahead, and instead of my opponent, I saw your charming face, with your long hair falling over your firm white shoulders. Before I could come back to reality, I was knocked and reduced into a thing on the ground. Not to scare you, I have regained my conscious and I write this beautiful letter on my rest bed.

Two things I discovered this day that I must share with you in a desperate human way. The ideas maybe dump, yet I am confident that you will be sensible enough to understand me. One, it is inconceivable how essential you have come to matter in my life. I am one crazy soul about you. Anne, it is now clear that it is becoming hard for me to occupy my mind in any thought without you interposing yourself in it. My drift today is one of the many times that my imagination draws me to you and in such moments, I hold, kiss and caress you with my thoughts. That brings me to the second thing. My love, I am not willing to fall again before you fall for me.

As I rise from my bed, I realize I must rise from my fears and pour my heart out for you. I can no longer live in a dream. I want to overcome this hopeless longing for you, live in your love, knowing that you are hopelessly in love with me. I want you to be my wife. As in my song, I want to "Pass the time with good company. I love and I shall until I die." Be that company. How much more do I love you? In my present state of health, too much that only you can heal me.

This is the hand of your Love and Friend.


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