Essay Sample on Grievance and Disciplinary Procedures

Published: 2023-05-01
Essay Sample on Grievance and Disciplinary Procedures
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Human resource management gets construed as a terminology that is used in the description of formal programs. The programs are specifically developed for managerial functions within the organization. The paper is, therefore, premised on a discussion of three different topics within the field of human resource management.

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Discipline at the Workplace

Many at times, workplace discipline is perceived to be a punishment, but that is not the case. The provision of discipline to employees must follow the corrective and progressive guidelines. Corrective discipline must directly communicate the undesired behavior or the misconduct committed by an employee (Pennington, 2018). It must also state the actions that are needed to be undertaken by the employee to improve and meet the expectations. On the part of progressive discipline, the intention is based on giving the employee a second chance for improvement (Pennington, 2018). It can, therefore, start with a verbal warning, then a written stipulation of the code of ethics violated. The two actions are then followed by the required adjustments for improvement. In the event of an advanced disciplinary case, then suspension or termination of the contract may be considered. One thing to like about the article is premised on how explicitly explain the corrective and progressive disciplinary procedures.

Disciplinary Procedures

The kind of indiscipline action portrayed by James is one that calls for progressive disciplinary action (Okolie & Udom, 2019). However, before the action, I may consider one on one engagement with James to understand why he has been late at least twice a week for the past few months, considering that he had not portrayed the character in the past. At times, an employee may be going through a hard time or even depressed; as such, it is critical to make a primary consideration of getting to know the problem. If it turns out that the problem is not one that should not warrantee his lateness, then a verbal warning would be considered ideal. If James continues with the trend, then a firm action of a written warning will become the next option and a subsequent summoning before the board. If James displays the character again, then his dismissal will become inevitable to serve as an example to other employees.

Grievance Procedures

A grievance disciplinary procedure is based on the complaints that an employee raises. As such, the employer is tasked with the role of dealing with the complaints as raised by the employee (Date, 2019). Some of its advantages include encouraging the employees to have the courage to raise complaints without fear and also offering a speedy solution of dealing with the raised complaints, to mention but a few (Finance, 2019). It also has some disadvantages, for example, suspension of the employees, provision of unjustified disciplinary actions, and unjustified consideration of transfers and demotions. It is also notable that the grievance procedure follows specific steps. For example, the informal action, the investigation step, the grievance meeting, the decision, and the appeal. The most important step is on the investigation because it allows for the acquisition of facts needed for decision making (Finance, 2019).


In summary, the paper has delved into three distinct topics. The discipline in the workplace, the disciplinary procedures, and grievance procedures. Each has been discussed, as noted herein.


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