Failure In Life Essay Samples

Published: 2018-02-09
Failure In Life Essay Samples
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Our experience

All of us learn from the failures we experience as well as successes. The experiences we have in life can either be negative or positive, but that is not what really matters. The only significant things that people gain from their failed or successful opportunities are the lessons they learn. The lessons learnt from bad or good life experiences influence our attitudes as well as shape our personalities. Personally, I have undertaken certain activities in my life and had certain experiences bad or good. As a consequence of those experiences and activities, I have been able to learn quite a number of things.

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Mid last year, I attempted an investment that according to my prognoses was supposed to generate good amount of profit within the first two months. However, the business turned into a great flop, I lost about three quarters of the capital outlay. Despite this collapse of my investment, I felt positive due to the vital lessons I learnt. The failed business gave me an insight into the need to carry out effective planning before embarking on an investment choice. I also learnt the need to invest deep and proper information search.

It is prudent to note that most life experiences help us to learn crucial things that assist us to shape future decisions. Additionally, unpleasant experiences and failures such as the one I had, help improve personal decision-making skills and prepare us for future successes.

Failure essay example

I love music and one of the musical instruments I like listening to in any musical composition is the guitar. The genre of music associated with my culture is rhumba music. The bass guitar, the solo guitar, and the lead guitar as well as drums often characterize rhumba music. I love the lead guitar most because it dictates the tempo of the music and provides the cue for all the instrumentalists and singers to follow. When I was growing up in my village, there were organized dancing sessions where we would converge at the village square to partake in the dancing competitions. Besides dancing, we were urged by our seniors to learn to play the various musical instruments so that we could become all-round musicians when we grew up. As I mentioned earlier, I love listening to tunes from the guitar and is the music instrument that I have always yearned to learn. I could in my own time visit the chief guitarist to learn some lessons to him but I could not get anything right for all my efforts. So far, this is my biggest failure in life especially since guitar is my favorite piece in music and my lifelong hobby.

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