Free Essay with the Rhetorical Analysis of Bernie Sanders' Twitter Page

Published: 2022-09-12 09:15:31
Free Essay with the Rhetorical Analysis of Bernie Sanders' Twitter Page
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Social media is one of the main places where individuals and companies market their products and their personalities. Often, various techniques used to appeal to the interests of the by these celebrity or company social media accounts. Bernie Sanders is one of the many politicians who has been able to manipulate his social media account to attract followers and to enhance the impact of each of his tweets on his current followers. Bernie Sanders twitter page has been used chiefly to disseminate his political ambitions, views, and propaganda to the public. The account has 8.9 million followers and has been instrumental in Bernie Sander's political career. Various tactics have been used in this social media page to ensure that it gets the attention of the public each time a message is tweeted.

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Bernie Sander's tweeter page has a clear goal and objective. A new user will immediately recognize who Bernie is the moment they visit their social media profile. They will also understand the aim of the profile from the first impression. Right on the first page, the most visible caption is "The Revolution is just beginning." Aside from the main caption, are the words "US Senate candidate, VT." The first impression given to a new user is that of a respected and robust politician whose tweets nobody would like to miss. Therefore, this explains why this twitter page a huge number of followers.

The Twitter profile of Bernie Sanders is also linked to their website. This is a great marketing technique. Users can easily learn more about this essential political personality by clicking the link to their website (Berthon & Pierre,263). For this page, the linked website is Bernie Sander's pictures have also been used ingeniously to bring out a very strong political presence. On the first page, there are very high-quality pictures that convey a strong political relevance of Bernie Sanders. The cover page picture shows Bernie Sanders rallying with striking public workers. This makes a great appeal to the public since from the first impression, Sanders immediately establishes himself as a politician who has people's interests at heart.

The tweets in Bernie Sanders page are high quality and carefully calculated. The staff doing the tweeting for him arrange the messages in such a way that they resonate with the public. For example, in some of his pinned tweets, Sanders has carefully arranged his messages in such a manner that they are short and clear. Anybody regardless of how busy they are will take time to read his tweets since they are short and straight to the point. Added to this high quality of tweets is the constant, regular pace of tweets. Bernie Sanders's staff tweets daily and in some instances, the tweets come after every few hours. This tactic ensures that his messages are received far and wide across the platform. Regular tweeting also ensures that the account does not become dormant and silent regarding current events in the US. Another tactic employed by this profile to ensure that tweets reach a large number of people is following established personalities and popular brand accounts. Bernie Sanders has carefully chosen to follow personalities such Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. This gives the twitter page credibility,therefore attracting many followers,

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