Barbarian Days by William Finnegan - Free Essay with a Book Review

Published: 2019-11-11
Barbarian Days by William Finnegan - Free Essay with a Book Review
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William Finnegan's Barbarian Days, A Surfing Life, refers to a story that every person spends as part of his or her life. Through the book, Finnegan explains how people relate to each other. Finnegan about the relationship by creating a tension of struggle of becoming a grown-up and a good citizen. He writes about issues that affect a human being, for example, the unproductive nature worship, deliberate useless and even the devotion to strange gods (Finnegan 12). Thus, Barbarian Days, A Surfing Life, is an important story because it explains how Finnegan retaliated or failed to relate to women whom he meets or even those who are in his family.

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Initially, he fights to claim the place in surfings complex hierarchy. Finnegan has a quest for his initial enactment with the ocean as inspired by the obsessive intact with the idiosyncrasies. In Chapter one, Finnegan takes a different route to accomplish what other people think it is impossible. He does this through the book that introduces the non-surfing audience through the mythology and mystery of surfing.

Finnegan through the book writes how men have been treating women in the society. He says men have been seeing women as the tools for fulfilling their sexual needs. In chapter one, he argues that viewing of women as sexual objects have made such countries be sexual tourism destinations as some foreigners go to such places to only purchase those women for sex. For example, he says that plenty of sex workers in U.S. have been brutalized as they have to regularly give out their bodies for sex (Finnegan 32). Some men who go for sex worker women do not value them, but after fulfilling their sexual needs, they mistreat them. Therefore, women in such countries view themselves as useless and are not worth in the society.

He says that initially, he thought to write about the male friendship but after sometime, he changed and wrote about his girlfriend. He explains that after college, he took his girlfriend to Maui, and this is where it shows how he relates with women. His relationship with his girlfriend is long term and relationship articulates the cultural norms in his society. For example, in chapter three, he says that the waves the human being surf are super-complex, dicey and demanding. He also remains optimistic about the idea of surfing until his 60s when his relationship with his girlfriend will have grown (Finnegan 53). Furthermore, he is also passionate about showing the women positive relationship and help them reach their supernatural points and contribute positively to the economy of the society. Even though sometimes, Finnegan relationship is casual, he shows a long-term relationship with the women he meets and even the women family members.

Furthermore, Finnegan writes about the surfing in the way peers relates to dry-landers and how they can be understood in the society. He bases his story with the past to encourage women and men have a positive relationship and thus have a mutual relationship that will allow them to become economically important in the society.

Conclusively, Finnegan has vividly described waves to represent the women and men relationship. Initially, the story describes his relationship mainly with women, but as the story grows, it changes to how he relates to women in the society (Finnegan 89). Arguably, much of his relationship with women is casual, but as it grows, it becomes long term. He advocates for equal representation of all the people in the society regardless of their gender.

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