Free Essay: Rationale For and Background of the Team Development Process

Published: 2020-04-13
Free Essay: Rationale For and Background of the Team Development Process
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Barkuma is a non-profit member-based organization that was established in 1967 by a group of parents whose children had disabilities. The organization was set to fulfill one goal: Continue to develop meaningful alliances with other ethical organizations to ensure that people with a disability have real choices and control (Rudani, 1981). Barkuma launched 2015-2017 with an intention to pursue the organization's vision to providing a supportive and inclusive culture and workplace that reflects and represents the views of people with disabilities.

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Barkuma established a team of staff that can preside and actualize the Disability Action Plan. The action plan will assist the organization to break down barriers that hinders the provision of choices and offer services that are free of discrimination to people with disabilities. The team of leaders will oversee the action plan to identify the potential barriers to access, participate and include current and future people with disabilities. The plan had to be developed so that it can address the cause of barriers to the collection of information, confidentiality, physical barriers, communication barriers and attitudinal barriers. The major strategy that Barkuma organization is investing at to achieve the plan is the goal is developing a team through the promotion of training and development of the members in the areas of disability awareness and discrimination.

The disability action plan is built around Barkumas core values of improving the quality of life, promoting individual growth and development, respecting human worth and dignity, improving community inclusion and striving for excellence (Boothby, 1980). Through training and development of staffs, the team leader will guide the members to work on Barkumas policies of:

Equal opportunities

Staff Professional Conduct

Privacy, confidentiality and record keeping

Protective behaviors for employees in their interactions with clients

The intended outcomes

Barkuma organization aims to have people with disability live in well-designed communities with the opportunity for full inclusion in social, cultural life and economic sporting.

Physical access to Barkuma offices and environments

The team leader is aiming to form a disability action reference group that will work towards achieving this target. The team leader has adequate training and assessment skills that will help in conducting internal training of staffs and identifying potential external trainers to equip the team with required skills, knowledge and information.

Once trained the team will be in a position to review organizations facilities and identify potential barriers that might hinder the achievement of well-designed communities where the physically challenged can be fully included in social, economic cultural life (Anon., 2015). Having earned a diploma in disability and management, and an additional extensive experience of working with people with disabilities, the team leader will guide the staff members accessing physical features of Barkuma organization. Such facilities include wheelchair ramps, assessing of pathways, entrances, lifts, corridors and ramps are in line with Australian Standards. The team will also assess the accessibility of bathroom, interview rooms and training rooms by the use of wheelchairs.

The team also expects that the disability action plan will ensure that information and services provided by Barkuma is given in accessible formats

The team members have already started the process of ensuring the provision of information and services in accessible forms to people with disabilities. The team is working to provide Braille, audio and visual aids, large print and material published in simple English to the people with disabilities matching their needs. The plan is expected to strengthen the voices of people with disability. The families and carers will also have an easy time dealing with people with disabilities when such resources are available.

Disability and discrimination awareness and training

The team leader initiated a program where the members are receiving disability awareness and training. The training led by Barkuma Training and Human Resource Manager is aimed at helping the staff and directors to familiarize with requirements of people with disabilities and disabilities service standards CITATION COu15 \l 1033 (Anon., 2015). The team leader will manage the services in such a manner that they will not discriminate against people with disabilities.

The team aims to have economic stability for the people with disabilities, their families and carers so to plan for their future and have control over their lives

The team expects that by promoting workforce diversity, the people with disabilities will become their own employers.

To achieve this, the leadership team will:

Keep on reporting to the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA)

Offer various opportunities of employment and volunteering to people with disabilities

Provide opportunities for training, career development and mentoring program to people with disabilities

Review Barkumas recruitment policies and procedures so as to encourage people with disabilities to for jobs

The team also expects that it will ensure that people with disabilities have their rights upheld, protected and promoted.

The team plans to achieve this by:

Advocating for human rights in accordance with the United Nations convention on the rights of people with disabilities

Reviewing and updating Barkumas policies and procedures to make sure that employees at Barkuma who has disabilities are safe and free from neglect, harm, and exploitation.

Updating Barkumas complaints processes so that the information for the resolution of complaints is included.

The team expects that it will help Barkuma in ensuring that people with disabilities have access to wide range of supports so that they can live independently and actively engage in the community activities.

The team leader will:

Participate in the identification and removal of barriers to services for people with disabilities

Ensure all the Barkuma staffs are trained in person-centered thinking

Help in the formation of person-center-thinking reference group that will guide the implementation of the person-centered approach to providing support across Barkuma.

The team is working to help people with disabilities to achieve their full potential through their participation in an inclusive, high-quality education system that is responsive to their needs

The team leader is working hand in hand with the other members of the team to provide an environment where well-trained staff will welcome the clients and communicate effectively with them. The team leader will provide guidance for employment and selection of the staffs that are expected to help clients and visitors.

Milestones in the process

For all the ongoing projects, the team has set milestones that will help the team to achieve the projects at the expected time. To ensure the team achieves the best, the team leaders have set intermediary strategies that will assess the understanding of the staffs (Wysocki, 2004). The formation of disability reference group by the team leaders is expected to through by 15th December 2015. The leadership team assumed that duration so that they can take the time to identify all the resources needed and the kind of environment that will help in availing information to the staffs maximally.

The leadership team is also expecting that by 15th September 2015, managers will have finished assessing physical facilities in Barkuma to identify barriers that can hinder its accessibility by the physically challenged. The managers are also expected to table they developed a plan on how to eliminate the barriers identified so as to enhance the accessibility of Barkumas physical facilities. Also, the entrances and pathways should be checked to determine their compliance with the Australian Standards. Wheelchairs ought to be in place by the same date so that training sessions can run smoothly. The leaders are expected to make sure that the facilities are working according to the Australian Standards requirements and where possible they should give their recommendations for further improvements.

Team leaders role in the team development process

As a team leader with adequate knowledge and skills in management, the team leader will:

Guide the team to contribute actively to the formation and monitoring of strategies and planning across Barkuma Commercial Services

Promote the cohesiveness of the management team by providing specialists advice in accordance with the National Standards for Disability Services and Barkuma.

Monitor and report the employment activities in line with key performance indicators and Barkumas Strategic Plan

Oversee the development and implementation of centralized administrative functions across Barkuma Commercial Services

Facilitate effectively and open communication among the staff and workers by providing support and guidance required.

As a training and development manager, the team leader has various duties and responsibilities that include:

Designing, implementation and evaluation of the training and development of all the staff and workers according to the National Standards for Disability services

ToEnsure that training and development initiatives are aligned with accredited training programs and also managing the implementation of appropriate accredited training for the employees.

Oversee the implementation and development of the workers competency and wages assessment processes while ensuring the employee training plans.

Supervise the development of workers satisfaction feedback systems to ensure that all the stakeholders are satisfied with the services provided.

To participate in developing internal and external networking initiatives that is targeted to improving the workers and service development. The service will help Barkuma Commercial Services to:

Work in partnership with the Client Services t maintains a person-centered service model that coordinates non-work related and work related support for all workers

Work in partnership with the external agencies to secure services and support to meet individuals needs

Plan, implement and evaluate the contribution of Barkuma Commercial Services work education initiatives

Collaborate with other services thus contributing to the design and implementation of development of programs that relate to the service and business goals of Barkuma Commercial Services in accordance with Person Centered Practices

As a staff member, the team leader:

Designs, implements and evaluates the training and development of supervisory staff to meet the service and business focus of Barkuma Commercial Services

Make sure that training and development initiatives are aligned with the accredited training programs

Oversee the implementation and development of staff induction and performance appraisal and development programs

Liaise with other departmental managers, HR in matters regarding the induction and professional training and development of staff so that such practices are consistent with the values, policies and procedures of Barkuma.

Provide support and guidance to the commercial services administration staff.

Role of the team members

External Support and Resources

The team will seek the external support from other Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), Agencies and well-wishers. The support may include tangible or services support. Barkuma Disability Action Plan team leader will seek the support of In...

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