Background Identity - Personal Essay Example

Published: 2017-12-13
Background Identity - Personal Essay Example
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Back in the lower primary school, during those short breaks, we used to engage in simple and very creative games such as rope jumping and even traveling on static wooden vehicles by making vehicle sounds. One of us would sit at the tip of a wood pole and control an imaginary steering wheel as he or she waves from side to side as if driving a real car. At that time, the rest of us would sit behind them and hold their jackets from behind. We enjoyed those moments, and I usually feel nostalgic when I remember them. Little did I know that those times were a genesis for my background identity. This paper seeks to write an identity which is important to my life.

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During these childhood activities, we would do many types of games. The most interesting ones that I can recall were juggling, back flips, forward flips, balancing objects and by extension balancing our bodies. All these games were very enjoyable. However, one day one boy by the name Julius got injured on his left arm as he was trying to perform a backflip. That day, all of us were summoned and punished. Afterward, these games were completely banned from our school.

I felt bad about the issue and vowed to soldier on since I had it in my blood. During weekends, I went to the nearby swamp and perfected my skills in what came to be known as the act of acrobatics. I became an expert in the field from a tender age of ten years. By the age of twelve years, I had acquired vast skills in balancing glass bottles from a rod held by my mouth, walking on a thin rope tied between two trees on a higher level, juggling six tennis balls at ago without dropping even a single one.

Other skills came automatically without my conscience. I could ride on a single-wheeled bicycle and even perform forward and backflips without touching the ground. Before I realized how I had become an acrobatic expert, I started being invited to concerts to perform an academic show. Everybody used to be happy with my performance, and I was paid for every performance. My parents supported me as I could now pay my school fees and that of my younger brother at the age of fifteen.

Before long, I had become a renowned acrobat with an unmatched skill in the field. My talent was now paying me without struggling. I then learned that Acrobatics was my destiny and cherished it to date.

From the discussion, above, it is easy to identify that every talent that a being possesses can be a great deal if it is welcomed and cherished no matter the obstacles accompanied with it.

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