Essay Example: Ethical Issues in the World of Journalism

Published: 2018-09-21 21:54:55
Essay Example: Ethical Issues in the World of Journalism
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Ethical Issues Journalism Essay


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Journalism involves an activity where the journalist takes in the act of informing the public on issues that impact them. A journalist must always act as per their personal ethics. It basically involves the actions that the journalist takes as per what they feel is right instead of following the rules stated. This helps in making their work authentic.

In journalism there is a code of ethics that one is supposed to follow, which guides and helps them in their work. For example, taking a situation where the person giving them credible information does not want their name to be known by the public. The reporter will have to abide by the code of ethic and will not involve the name of the source in their information.

Basing on the story where one journalist knew about a person’s sexual orientation that he was gay. But the individual didn’t want the information to be made public. While another news station went with the story. While the journalist was left being morally right some misunderstood him making assumptions that he was in the gay person’s pocket. The publishing of the information made it public knowledge to everyone damaging the reputation of the person. If the information talked about issue with the community .The “they said it first” mantra doesn’t justify it compared to the damage the information may cause.

Having ethical standards in journalism is very important .when a journalist cannot be swayed by anything, and sticks to the right code of ethics and their good personal values, the information that they will give is always truthful and factual making their media house grow by making the public see the value in what they say and can relate to it.

As a whole, journalism faces various ethical dilemmas. An individual or a media panel must decide on what to put first or what is their top priority in the distribution of information. In a situation where the journalist has various informations that he or she wishes to give out. It is where their ethical values come in place looking at the information to see if it is aligned with them. These dilemmas at times affect what type of information the public will receive. Stated below are some of the ethical issues that journalism faces and suggested solutions.

Conflict of Interest

Conflict of interest, when getting a story a journalist may be affected with the information he or she receives. In a situation where a reporter gets a story which won't help him or that the information they get doesn't interest them. Most of the time, they will drop the story. As a journalist they must take all stories seriously it informs or affects the public other than them making them ethically right in their work. (Richard Keeble, 2001)

Presser to advertise, advertising is a way of those pertaining in journalism to get some extra funds. Hence when it influences them, it may make them focus more on it rather the central part of the story or change a story to go with the advertising. Those doing journalism must keep their information as it is and should not be affected by those who want to advertise through their media.

Friendship or close relations is an issue that affects that affects journalism. When a reporter per takes in as the story that involves a person of links or a friend. They will be tempted to change the story. In journalism, one must always keep to what is true and stick to the code of ethics. Making what they say to be right and authentic (Stephen, 2013)

When a journalist accepts payment for information from another who is not their employer person it is known as "payola." This act usually affects the information that they will give. This is because it will be benefiting the source while the journalist will be doing it for their gain. Not caring what information they are giving out to the public. A reporter should never accept any payment so as to get some information, and it is not right to do so, and if one is caught in that act, they should be punished for it. (Wendy, 2014)

Withholding of information, there is a situation where a journalist is forced to withhold some of the information they have, and sometimes they do it because they have too. An example is a case where the information they have involves a minor it is accepted if they withhold the information about them. While in other situations where the information that they will hold changes the view of the public it isn't a real act of good journalism.

As a conclusion, I believe that one who is involved in journalism must always stick to the journalism code of ethics. While keeping in mind what that the information they give is morally right and ethical.

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