Christianity Essay Example

Published: 2022-08-31
Christianity Essay Example
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Describe how you came to know Christ and your growing relationship and walk with Him.

I was brought up in a family that used to go to church at least twice every week. I was natured through the Christian principals and moral values. Additionally, while at the elementary school, the teachers nurtured me with religious guidance as well as teaching Biblical Story and its relevance to daily life. The Biblical teachings were conducted at the beginning of every school day. Based on this background, I had grasped a considerable understanding that we grew as sinners, and Jesus Christ was crucified to deliver us from our sins and to redeem our relationship with God and to be new in Him. I was blessed with the calling to Christ while at the age of 14-years. Since that time, especially through my high school, my faith took a back seat to trials of life, but my faith in Christ 'kept me' pressing on. I participate in the activities meant for my spiritual development and faith strengthening. I am also able to impact some people's life with my Christian faith and conduct as well transforming their way of life.

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Describe how your church and ministry activities shape your daily life and will strengthen your university community.

The church and ministry play a significant towards my daily life spiritual growth and strengthening in the university community. The activities were used to develop some sense of compassion, humanity and humility through daily living. At the end of it, the students were able to practice the values and principles that they have learned through the Bible teachings.

First, we engage in helping communities thrive and bringing them together by promoting their livelihood courtesy of the ministry. We participated in the community clean-up, helping in the nursing homes, helping in constructing homes for the homeless, playing minor roles at the nursing homes, and community sporting activities.

Second, we actively participated in the Bible sharing and reflection activity, which was done through connection groups made up of 50-200 members in every group. The groups aimed to pray for one another and strengthen each other's faith. The advantage of the groups is to have spiritual interaction with one another to ensure no one backslides.

Third, we were taken through a mentorship program where we were modeled to be future leaders and to lead by example. We were led by those who have been through the Christian journey of God-based life. The Christ-centered educators emphasized most on the character development the same way as an academic achievement that provided tools essential for the well-rounded, disciplined life.

Fourth, pastoral seminars and meetings, different Christian universities and campuses converged for the spiritual building. The attendants exchanged their Christian experiences and inspiration eventually building one's attitude towards discipleship and to be steadfast in building Christian faith in the dynamic world that is mostly characterized with temptations that can drag-back a person with weak faith.

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