Free Essay Example: Audience Analysis

Published: 2020-04-27
Free Essay Example: Audience Analysis
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Audience analysis is the most appropriate way of assessing the audience and ensuring that the information given to them is at the appropriate level every one of them can understand. It is a technical writing which requires an effective communication towards the audience. The following factors are to be considered when an audience analysis is conducted; the age of the targeted audience, culture, knowledge they have on the subject. This paper will examine the audience analysis of a Human Resource Manager to coworkers on how to improve the organizations performance and adhering to the policies of the department.

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The target audience include; Compensation and benefits managers who designs, oversees and also implements the organizations compensations and benefit programs. They also have some other responsibilities such as monitoring salary structures and ensure that the organizations policies and programs are in alignment with the organizations vision. Training and development specialists who ensure that the organizations training initiatives and plans are implemented as per the organizations guidelines. The next target audience is the Employment, Recruitment and Placement Specialists who helps the organization to attract best candidates and directs them to the position they are best suited for. The target audience also includes the Human Resources Information System (HRIS) Analysts who handle the digital human resource network by ensuring that the organizations activities run as planned. Employee Assistance Plan Managers will be another target audience. Employee Assistance Plan Managers assists the clients by providing free consultation and counseling to the clients. The next audience is the organizations Chief Executive Officers who are responsible for the entire organizations business and have the final word in the decision-making process. Among the audience is also the Human Resource Manager Assistant who acts on behalf of the Human resource Manager of managing all the employees and overseeing that the organizations activities are carried out effectively as required by the management.

The audience is knowledgeable of the human resource management policies and their responsibilities in the organization. Claims have been raised by several clients about how the organization interacts with the clients, how it delivers its services to the public. A part from the complaints from clients, few issues has been raised by the management on how employees carry themselves when at work. Every employ is aware of his/her responsibility. Every office has its responsibilities and rules printed and pinned on the notice boards. In addition, the same copies of each department is also pinned at the main notice boards which ensures that every employee have access to them easily. Further, technology has enhanced things and everything including the guidelines, rules, responsibilities and job descriptions will be available at the organizations website. This has enhanced the accessibility to information to every member of the Human Resource Management. The website is updated frequently to ensure that any new information intended for the public or the members are available and delivered in time.

The audience consists of both gender; men and women aged between 25 and 50. The target audience is mixed of both married and single. However, most of them are married. The audience is mostly middle class with at least a bachelor degree certificate, though most of them have master degree. Every week organizations performance is updated either through the memorandum or website. So every employee has access to information easily and faster. Several feedbacks have been collected on the performance of the organization and some people are happy and few complain of lack of support teams cooperation. Human resource management requires effective communication between the organization and the public. This will ensure that services are delivered effectively and clients are satisfied (King, 2000). The departments effectiveness depends on the communication channels both within the organization and outside to the public. Clients will be interested in service delivered and as the organization we are interested in feedback we get from the clients or the public. Every department has a role to play to ensure the effectiveness of this idea.

Specific responsibilities and interests that is to be addressed in the analysis include; how to improve performance, improve the working standards which include improving working condition of the employees, time or period of work. It will address each department with its performance level and what should be applied to enhance the effectiveness of the department. Jobs opportunities are increasing yearly and the department of compensation and benefits management will learn that it is important to work hard and preform their responsibilities effectively (Beardwell, & Claydon, 2007). Improvement of employees working conditions also lies with the department of compensation and benefits management since they are stakeholders to the federal and state employees benefits regulation body. Every department expects quality services to be rendered; therefore the department of training and development specialists expects to enhance workers experience which will ensure development of new skills, hence delivering quality services to the clients. Employment, recruitment and placement specialists also have huge role to play in improving the institutions performance by recruiting and placing workers who are qualified for the post they are given. This department will involve a lot of travelling to learning institutions to look for the promising candidates. This will require good interpersonal and communication skills which will ensure establishment of good relationship with the community. These skills will be required during interview of job applicants and therefore are equally important after good verbal and written language skills. The Human resource information systems (HRIS) is to improve and ensure that effective communication channel is established in all levels. This will involve developing new designs which will apply across the entire network system. Employee Assistance Plan Managers is to ensure that every employee or client is given attention as they may need. This will require good communication skills and effective language use. The chief executives officers of the organization have all the responsibilities of looking after their employees welfare. This includes setting a good and better working condition for their employees. Since the final decision rests with them, it will be their responsibility to ensure that employees are safe at workplace and given their dues they deserve (Keller, 1987). The assistant human resource manager plays a very important role both in the absence or presence of the manager. The department has the responsibility to ensure that every employee reports to work as required by the law and duties are carried out as required. With the assistant manager, this work is simplified and corporation with each department will ensure the effectiveness of the organization.

In conclusion, audience analysis is all about collecting and interpreting information about the targeted recipients oral, written or visual communication. This paper has examined the audience analysis of human resource manager to the coworkers which include; CEOs, Training and development specialists, employment, recruitment and placement specialists, human resource information systems analysts and employee assistance plan managers.


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